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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update / Montage of Summer Pics;)

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Any spare time we've had lately, we've been searching for a new car for me. We are taking advantage of test driving different vehicles with a third row seat while Oma is still here. It's too hard to try to test drive cars with 2 kids, b/c of the car seats and you know....them screaming;) LOL Anybody have any suggestions for an all wheel drive SUV with a third row seat, or a nice all wheel drive van(I'm trying to stay away from a van, but they are kinda convenient with 2 kids...we'll see;)

Can you all please say a pray for my nephew Nathan? He was running a fever today so they had to take him to the hospital! There is no obvious signs of infection, probably just a virus, but he is staying overnight to be monitored. Please pray he gets better soon so he can go home to his 2 brothers. He has been a champ lately with all the chemo and everything. I'm so proud of him!!

Lil' Chris has been doing well. He and Ayla have been having fun playing with Oma:) Thanks Oma for babysitting, doing wash, dishes, and cooking!! You ROCK!!

Here is a montage of some random pics of the kids this Summer. The first video is of Ayla coughing every time I told her to fold her hands to pray before dinner:) It was so funny!! She must have done it a million times, b/c we kept saying "fold your hands" and we could not stop laughing:) LOL

Please also say a prayer for Lil' Chris' CF buddies Phoenix and Sophie. They need to get some answers soon. I HATE what CF does to these lil' bodies!!!!! Click on their names for their blogs.

Thanks for checking in,


PS. My next post will be about not one, but TWO blog awards I got recently;) YEA!!! Thanks girls:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update / Montage / New Header Pic

I LOVE this pic of Chris and the kids!! I just had to make it the new header pic:) It was when we stopped to look at the big lighthouse in Marblehead(those pics coming soon;)

Here is a montage of pics and video's that I had on my cell phone. My new phone is a 5.0 mega pixels, so they didn't turn out too bad(way better than my last phone;) lol

The first few pics are of our trip to Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the water park on my phone, so those will be coming soon;) The rest of the montage are just random pics and video's from this Summer:) There are pics of Ayla climbing up to my laptop and pretending she was Mommy;) (BTW...she came down the stairs yesterday all by herself!! On her butt of course, but it was a big moment for us;-) Then video's of Lil' Chris singing, jumping, and dancing slow and fast;-) I like the one of Ayla wiggling and playing the drums;-) lol Enjoy!!

I haven't had time to edit the birthday pics....it's like 20 minutes long and I just don't have time anymore. I may just post it "as is" LOL!

As for an update...Lil' Chris' cough seems to be gone. He coughed a little when we were at the water park, but since we have been home he hasn't been coughing much...Thank God!! Ayla is getting so big and talking more and more. Her fav words are...NO & MINE!! I guess that comes with the territory when you have an older brother;) LOL Oh yeah...and MORE, b/c she is always hungry:) lol Although, she doesn't eat as much as she used to, but still way more than her brother that's for sure! I WISH he would eat more than just hot dogs and french fries!!! He is so stubborn, he won't even TRY new things!! Drives me nuts, b/c I know his body needs extra calories and stuff!! Sigh;(

My ankle is still the same pretty much. It's still swollen around the ankle bone and still hurts when I move it certain ways. It's been over 5 weeks!! I'm just glad I can walk mostly normal;) It just mainly hurts when I walk in the morning when I get out of bed. I'll give it another few weeks. I'm praying it heals 100% soon!!

I have a request...please pray for some of Lil' Chris' CF buddies, they need your prayers. Skye and Ben. Click their names to see their blogs.

More pics to come...maybe while Oma and Opa are here this weekend I can steal away and try to get some more pics posted for you all;-)

PS. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY WONDERFUL HUBBY!!! 7 years married and 13 years from our first date;-) I LOVE YOU HONEY!! Thanks for a great weekend at Great Wolf Lodge!!