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Friday, September 20, 2013

Annual CF Clinic Visit Result 9/18/13 6 yrs old

Lil' Chris had a GREAT annual CF clinic visit the other day!! He gained some weight and a whole inch!! He was so proud that he didn't have any tears or even get teary eyed for either his throat culture OR his Flu Shot!!! He couldn't wait to tell his little sister, esp since she was rubbing it in that she only got teary eyed for her last shot;p LOL!!!

His PFT's were good too. Since he is 6 now, he started a new kind of PFT that he will only do on his annual visits that includes doing an inhaled Albuterol treatment, then different types of PFT's. He did VERY well!! He picked up on what to do after being told only once! He would go thru the motions before she would even tell him what to do! I was impressed!!!

New PFT with the door closed and she would use a microphone to tell him what to do.

His doctor said his lungs sounded GREAT!! YEA!!! This was the first year that we did not need to do Chest X-rays. He will do them every other year now. He does need to get blood work done before the end of the year though and each year:( He did not like hearing that...luckily for him I had to go to work;p We were there for 4 HOURS as it was:(

Just for my records,...
On 5/8/13 his height, weight, BMI, and PFT's were...48", 47.8 lbs, 33%, 84/79.
On 9/18/13 his height, weight, BMI, and PFT's were...49", 51.8 lbs, 44%, 94/82!!! He is in the 90th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight!! WOOHOO for BIG improvements!!!

Please pray with us that his culture comes back "normal" again! The last 2 have been normal, so praying for that again...and every time:) I'll keep you posted.

He has been doing GREAT health wise!!! He had a cold 3 weeks ago, but it did not turn into a nasty cough like it used to, so we are going on 8 months with NO ANTIBIOTICS!!!YEA!!!!!

His next check up is on 1/8/14