Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ayla locked us out / Bad Night / Potty training

So, my lovely 1 year old locked us out of the house tonight! We were coming home from Oma and Opa's and I took Ayla into the house, put down my purse, and went back out into the garage to get Lil' Chris out of the van. When we went to go back into the house, the door was locked!! Ayla had locked the deadbolt! If I had my purse, I would have had the key, but I took it in when I took her in! Luckily I had my phone in my pocket, so I called Chris to come home. I also called a neighbor to come help us. Thanks Andrea and John for all of your help!!

After about an hour, Ayla was spent and said she wanted to go "night night." Since she didn't have her blankie, she took off her jacket and curled up on the floor with it in front of the front door and started sucking her finger. I tried to get her to get up to continue to help get the door unlocked, but she wasn't having it. She did a good job though the whole time. She stayed in the foyer where I could see her through the front door. She cried a couple of times b/c she wanted me to hold her. So at 9pm, I finally called the fire department and they came and couldn't get it. Then a police officer came and tried it and he was able to get it open!!! YEA!! I gave him a BIG hug and told him I loved him;) LOL!! I was just glad that Ayla was fine and that we didn't have to break a door or window to get in.

As for an update on Lil' Chris...He is still doing great!! One more day of November and still no cold, cough, or antibiotics YEA!!! We officially broke the curse of an antibiotic every other month in 2010 WOO HOO!! Now lets see if we can go all December too;-)

A couple of nights ago, Lil' Chris was up for about 3 hours throwing up off and on. We think he may have had some soy protein, b/c that is what usually happens when he has anything with soy protein in it. He was fine the next day though.

On a good note....Lil' Chris has been doing GREAT with potty training at night and nap time!!! His pull-up was only wet like 2 times all last week!!!!!! That's morning and nap time that he has been waking up dry!!! I can't believe my lil' 3 year old isn't so little anymore...but I sure am glad not to have to change sheets anymore, esp now that he has a full size bed;-) LOL!!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, we sure did!! Please continue to pray we make it through cold and flu season with no problems!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Over 700 Hours on the Vest!!! / CysticLife=Cool Stuff:)

I've been so busy lately, that I didn't realize that Lil' Chris had surpassed the 700 mark!! He pushed the button by accident on the Vest machine yesterday and I was shocked to see 715 Hours!! Time flies, even when it's spent on a shaking Vest 1 hour EVERY day!!

In the pics above, you can see that the velcro straps are tight again! YEA!! So glad we got this 2nd blue Vest! The velcro on it is WAY better!! Plus, it's nice to have a second one for when we wash this one;)

As for a CF Update...Lil' Chris is doing GREAT!! PRAISE GOD!! I was just looking at his cold/cough/antibiotic lists on the right hand side of this blog and noticed that he is due for another cough soon and antibiotic...well, at least that's how it seems to have been going this whole year...every other month he has been on an antibiotic for a bad cough. We are trying REALLY hard to hopefully skip this month;) We went to Vitamin World and bought more chewable Vitamin C's (500mg's) and a new Omega 3. This new one has Vitamin D in it too which is GREAT for trying to prevent colds, so I'm told;-)

We weren't sure if the kids would like the pineapple that they added to this new one, but we bought it anyway and they LOVE it!! They each get one Omega 3+D and one Vitamin C every day to help keep the sniffles away;) Why? Because every time Lil' Chris gets a cold, he ends up with a bad cough, which ends up with antibiotics;( So we gotta keep those colds AWAY!! I was SO glad when one of our sitters told me that she had a cold a few days before she was supposed to come, so that I could find someone else. We LOVE our sitters...they "GET IT"!! :)

Lil' Chris' next CF clinic appointment is on Dec 15th. Please pray that he stays as healthy as possible and that all of us stay as healthy as possible since it seems like once one of us gets sick...ALL of us get sick!! Everyone at work can attest that I always carry my sanitizer;-)Mommy's gotta stay healthy to keep her boy healthy:-) I LOVE YOU LIL' CHRIS!!!!!!!!

Hey, do you guys remember me talking about how AWESOME CysticLife.org is?? Well, it's hard to believe that it's been almost a whole year that Ronnie and Mandi and their friends started CL!! They are doing something fun for their birthday, so here it is in Ronnie's words.... "It's time for the 2011 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE and we're dreaming big. We want 2011 new members to join CysticLife.org by January 11, 2011 (our first birthday). THIS WEEK'S GIVEAWAY TO NEW MEMBERS: Everyone that joins before 11/22 will be entered to win an iPod Shuffle. (Also, don't forget that everyone that joins during the drive will be entered to win an iPad!!) Join TODAY!!" http://www.CysticLife.org/ (Remember...you don't have to have CF or be a CF mom like myself to join CL. It can be ANYONE!! I love CL, b/c I know that there is always a place I can go to if I have ANY questions about CF or just want to learn more about CF!!)

CysticLife is also up for a Pixel award, isn't that sooooo cool?!?! Please vote and share this with anyone and everyone you know. How cool would it be for CL to win a web award? You can vote everyday!! http://www.pixelawards.com/nom_win_2010.php#Blogs VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

Thanks for everything,


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad Night / Good Day

The kids(meaning Lil' Chris, Ayla, Chris, and our friend Spencer;-) got to meet Sponge Bob the other day at Panera Bread. We LOVE Panera Bread, especially since they supplied a TON of bagels for our walk for CF last year;-)

Lil' Chris didn't have a great night last night. He ended up coming in our room around 1:15am. He came to my side of the bed and wanted me to put him back in his bed. This isn't new, b/c lately he has been doing this b/c we are trying to potty train him at night time. I've been getting up to put him on the potty in the middle of the night, and now he wakes up by himself and comes and gets me, but he sometimes won't go on the potty, he just wants to go back to bed. I think it's b/c it's too late. At least he is waking up though and realizing it!

Anyways....last night I put him back in bed, and then about 5-10 minutes later, he came back to my side of the bed and BAM!! He threw up all over my side of the bed and floor before I could grab the trash can!! I thought he was going to be up all night throwing up like he used to when he was little, but he went back to bed and fell right to sleep for the rest of the night. He has been acting fine today, thankfully. It must have just been something he ate yesterday???? IDK, but today it's 61 degrees and beautiful outside, so we had a lot of fun at the soccer fields running around and kicking the soccer ball!! We were going to go to a Kohl's A-team event, but I didn't think he should go just in case.

The dietitian from BCMH came to our house today and said that Lil' Chris is doing GREAT!! His weight is 35.8 and his height is 40!!! He is in the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight!! YEA!! She gave me some titles of a couple of children recipe books to order. Hopefully he will start eating more different foods soon, so it's not always just hot dogs or lunch meat or french fries.

More good news....The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has teamed up with Warner Home Video and CVS Pharmacy again this year!! They are donating $5 for every DVD purchase of one of these holiday movies to the CFF:

-"The Polar Express"

-"How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

-"The Year Without a Santa Clause"

-"Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales"

I went to go buy The Polar Express today, but our CVS was all out...hopefully that's a good sign!! Please spread the word!!

Thank you all for all of your prayers!! Please continue to pray that we all have a very healthy Fall and Winter:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fundraising Award / New Vest and Hoses

Poster at the awards ceremony above...
Close up of Lil' Chris' pic on the poster:)...

New Pipeline chart...

The award I was given at the award ceremony:) YEA!!...

A few nights ago, Chris and I went to an Appreciation Ceremony on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I was awarded for all my fundraising efforts and for raising the most money for the Wooster walk this past year!! YEA!! It's all thanks to YOU all who donated and to Kohl's for all the $500 grants for most of my fundraiser!!


  • ALL my friends and family who donated
  • ALL my awesome neighbors who donated, did a bake sale, and came to the walk:)

  • ALL my Kohl's associates who helped out with all my fundraisers

  • My boss, Bob, for letting me do Jeans 4 Genes days at work for 4 months and to ALL the associates who participated:)

  • EVERYONE from the motorcycle run
  • CiCi's Pizza for letting me do most of my fundraisers there AND for the 12 or 13 different CiCi's Pizza that did Pin-Ups for CF for the month of May.
  • all the other restaurants I did a fundraiser at...Tumbleweed, Applebee's, & Friendly's.

  • my MIL for setting up a walk in NJ for Lil' Chris and doing other fundraisers as well

  • my sister, D, for setting up a walk in NC and doing fundraisers at her kids school and at a bouncy house.

  • and ALL that made the walk a success!!

I couldn't have done it without you ALL!!!! CF WILL STAND FOR CURE FOUND SOON!!!!

In other news....I had to order ANOTHER set of hoses for the Vest!! I think that's the 5th or 6th time since we got the new blue Vest and it hasn't even been a year yet!! YIKES!! Hopefully they improve the new Vests soon. I also told them that the velcro on the shoulder straps are not sticking very well anymore too. They said to just order a new one and when it gets too bad, we can just change it. So we got the 2 new hoses and new blue outer shell the other day. I haven't washed the new shell yet, so here is a pic of what the old one was doing...(we had to keep the straps in the back instead of the front to make it tight, b/c it stuck better back there but would still pop off sometimes)....

Thanks again everybody for all that you do for Lil' Chris!! We love you all!!