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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CF Clinic Visit and Results 1/8/14 6 1/2 years old

Lil' Chris' 3 month check-up at the CF Clinic last Wed went GREAT!!!

Here is the comparison from his last visit on 9/18/13(you can always find this list on the right hand side of this blog;)...

-9/18/13 51.8lbs, 49 inches, 44% BMI, 94/82 PFT
-1/8/14 52.5lbs, 49.5 inches, 36% BMI, 95/88 PFT
As you can see, he gained some weight, got taller, his BMI went down(b/c he got taller), but his PFT's went UP!!! I was worried his PFT's were going to be bad, since he just got over a cough, but he did a GREAT JOB blowing until his face turned red!! I think that was the best he ever blew!!!
They did a throat culture and I already got the results back that it is "NORMAL" again!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I couldn't be happier!!! It was a year ago this month that he had cultured Pseudomonas(really bad bacteria). Since then, he has cultured "normal" which is AMAZING!!!! Pseudomonas is usually VERY hard to get rid of, so PRAISE GOD it stayed away!!!

He also got his annual chest x-rays done. He still needs to get his blood work done, but we have until his annual cf appointment on 6/4. He was supposed to get blood work done last year, but once school started it was hard to find the time to go and get it done. He gets blood work done every year and chest x-rays every other year.
They did see some more scarring in his lungs, which isn't good, but they said that is normal for a CFer:( I was really hoping to keep his lungs from scarring before a CURE came, but we do everything we are supposed to do and he only had like 1 bad cough in the last year, so idk.....
I asked the doctor about the chest pains he gets sometimes, and she said to try Tums. We usually just do his Albuterol puffer, but lately we have tried the Tums too. Not sure if either helps or not, b/c it usually only lasts about 5-10 min. The day after clinic, he had those chest pains about 4 or 5 times. We actually picked him up from school at noon. Not sure what is causing it. We thought maybe it's heartburn or something. His doctor doesn't think it is CF related. She thinks it might be Precordial Catch Syndrome(Texidor's Twinge). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precordial_catch_syndrome or http://www.precordialcatchsyndrome.org/causes-symptoms-and-treatments-for-precordial-pain/
Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS), also known as Texidor's Twinge, is a common cause of chest pain in children and adolescents. It also occurs, though less frequently, in adults. PCS manifests itself as a very intense, sharp pain, typically at the left side of the chest, generally in the cartilage between the bones of the sternum and rib cage, which is worse when taking breaths. Patients often think that they are having a heart attack which causes them to panic. This pain typically lasts from 2 or 3 seconds to a few minutes, though, in some cases, they can persist for up to 30 minutes. The frequency of episodes varies from patient to patient; sometimes occurring daily with multiple episodes each day, or on a less frequent basis with weeks, months, or even years between episodes. On rare occasions, breathing in or out suddenly will cause a small popping or cracking sensation in the chest, which results in the pain going away. In most cases the pain is resolved quickly and completely, and medication is not needed for the pain to subside. There is no known treatment or cure for PCS.

His CF doctor said that most likely the Albuterol and Tums won't help it. It will just go away on it's own after a few minutes. She said there is no real concern and suggested that we get him checked by his Pediatrician to make sure nothing else is going on. So I will be making an apt soon if it continues. I hate to go to his Pediatricians during cold and flu season, but if this continues, we will go. Please pray that these pains never come back and that it's not something worse!!!
Thanks for all your continued prayers,
PS. I got to meet a fellow CF mom, Lesley, that I'm friends with on Facebook at clinic, and her son Cohen with CF. It's always nice chatting with someone else who "gets it" ;) Glad Cohen had a good visit too:)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bactrim Update / CVS

The Bactrim he started on Sun has def helped and his cough is pretty much all gone. YEA!!!

Only problem is...it was supposed to be for 14 days, but it ran out in only 6 days. So I called our CVS pharmacy and she said that the dr may have made a mistake in the math, so she called the dr and they said that he should be on it for 14 days. So now I have to go pick up another bottle. I'm so glad that our local CVS pharmacy was able to figure this out quickly on the weekend so that there was no lapse in giving him his Bactrim. Once I told the pharmacist that he has CF, she took the situation very seriously and figured it was a mistake in math on the script. I LOVE OUR CVS!!!

CVS is sooooo very easy to order refills too!! I just do it through an app on my phone:) It literally takes me less than a minute!! LOVE IT!! The app also lets me see when the last time I got a refill, what date I can refill it again, and when it expires!! This is GREAT, b/c then I can let the dr know if I see it's going to expire soon:) It's not good to have lapse in meds with CF. I try my hardest to stay on top of ordering all his meds and this CVS app makes it VERY simple! I wish we could get all his meds through CVS!! If you don't use CVS, I highly recommend it if you can!!

I'd say another fav part of CVS is that they have a drive-thru. I always hated going into Drug Mart to get his meds, b/c you never know what germs you might pick up. I still sanitize after touching the pen and clipboard thru drive-thru at CVS...you can never be too safe;)

Save the date for our next Great Strides Walk for CF on Sunday May 4th 2014 at 11am in Wooster!!!

Thanks for all the continued prayers! Keep praying for a normal throat culture, weight gain, and high PFT's this Wed at his 3 month CF check-up at the clinic!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cough Update

Lil' Chris started 14 days of 3tsp 2x a day of Bactrim on Sunday 12/29/13 for his wet cough. This is the first antibiotic since last January when he was on Tobi and Cipro for Pseudomonas!!!! Praise the Lord he has had an AMAZING year despite having cultured Pseudomonas last Nov and Jan!!!! This is only his 4th cough in 2013. Not bad!! The other coughs weren't bad and went away without antibiotics, but this one kept getting worse, so I felt he needed a little help of an antibiotic. Luckily the medicine is working great and his cough has gotten much better!!

We are going to use his next cf clinic apt as a follow apt for this cough and antibiotic. It's on Jan 8th, so please pray for normal throat culture, good weight gain, and good PFT's!!!!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!! I'm praying 2014 is the year for a CURE for CF!!!! They are sooooo close!!! I'll be starting my fundraising soon to get to that CURE sooner!!! :)

PS. I LOVE my new laptop, honey!!! Thanks so much!!! :)