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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CF Clinic Visit / New Acapella / 2nd PFT

Lil' Chris had his 3 month check-up today at the CF clinic and he had some GREAT RESULTS!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS FOR HIM!!!

-Lungs were clear!!!! WOOHOO!!!!
-His weight has been stuck at 38 for the looooongest time and he finally gained some weight!!! He was 40 lbs and 2 oz!!!! I was completely SHOCKED!!! I actually made the nurse weigh him again to make sure;-) LOL I guess that eating sticker chart really helped him gain some weight!! I know it DID help him to eat more...he now eats pizza and chicken nuggets again!!! YEA!!! I couldn't believe it the other night he ate 2 WHOLE SLICES OF PEPPERONI PIZZA!!! WOW!! That's a first!!
-His height 3 months ago was 42 3/4, this time it was 43.5!!! Next Summer he will def be able to go on all the 46" rides if he keeps this up:)

He did his second PFT today and he did AWESOME!!! He blew a 94%!! Last time I think it was an 83%. He sure did make me proud getting up there and putting the nose thing on all by himself and just blowing away:) He did such a GREAT JOB!! Click here to learn more about PFT's. Ronnie shared some great info on his blog and did a video of him doing one. He is an adult CFer who recently had a sweet baby girl:) She is so adorable!! Congrats Ronnie and Mandi!!

His doctor said everything looks great and not to change anything!! So we are still going to do 3 enzymes before each meal and snack, 15mg of Prevacid each day, 1 Aquadek, Omega 3 + Viatmin D, Vita C, and Vest 2 times a day for 30 minutes each.

As I was asking the doctor all my questions;)lol, I mentioned the Acapella, and next thing I knew, they were bringing one in for him to try! The PT said that they usually start them on it around 5 or 6, but that she would try it with him and see how he did. To her surprise, he did GREAT!!! She said that some 4 year old's don't have the attention span or capability of following the directions, but he definitely did!! WOOHOO!! GO CHRIS!!!

I asked if he needs to do the Acapella after every Vest therapy, and she said not if I think he doesn't need it. It would be a good idea to have around in case I hear him rattling like he needs to cough something up but can't, or if we go somewhere and we can't take the Vest. For after the Vest, he would do 1-2 cycles of 5 breaths followed by 2-3 huff coughs to clear any mucous. If we use it instead of the Vest, then he would do 5 cycles of 5 breaths followed by 2-3 huff coughs. You'll see him do it in the video below.

I wasn't sure how his visit was going to go today, b/c on Monday he woke up with a sore throat and he was still even complaining of one today. The doctor said his throat looked ok though. He doesn't seem sick at all. His nose was runny the last couple of days, but today he blew it only once after his bath! Ayla was a little stuffy yesterday and today, but no hard core cold as of right now for either of them. I'm praying it doesn't spread anymore and that this cold or whatever it is goes away fast, b/c Nathan is coming next week and it would be dangerous for him since he is still on chemo. Pray for a healthy visit and that Lil' Chris doesn't develop a cough from it like he usually does after a cold!! I'll let you know when we get the throat culture result back, praying for a CLEAR result!!

Thanks for the continued prayers and please don't forget about baby Chaia. She is doing well, but still has a long road ahead of her. Also, if you could say a prayer for Blake, a 3 year old who had a tumor removed today. He used to go to our church. The tumor was the size of a melon. Thanks so much!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mommy's Milestone / New Challenge

Today marks a BIG milestone for me!! YEA!!!!

I wrote all about it on my other blog www.thechallengediet.blogspot.com. Click that link to read all about it...just do me a favor...don't look at my before and after pic;-) LOL!! I should do another after pic since it's been 2 years since the last, but I never get my pic taken...I'm usually the one taking all the pics;) Oh darn;-) LOL!!!!

Enjoy laughing at my pics;) I'm actually pretty proud of them in some weird way though...they were taken only 2 months apart!! OH YEAH!! ;-) LOL!!

A little tip...hover your mouse over the verse to read it and click "more" in the little box to read the whole thing.

What are YOU going to challenge YOURSELF to do EVERY DAY for the next 1 year from today???
What kind of example are YOU setting for YOUR kids, whether they are young or old, near or far???

Think about it and make the commitment to yourself TODAY!!! All it takes is DEDICATION and CONSISTENCY!!! (you can let me in on it if you want, just leave me a comment or email me;)

I wish you the best of luck!!
PS. If you want to leave me a comment, you may have to do it on this blog instead of my other one. I have had problems in the past with people not being able to leave comments on that blog. Sorry.