Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!! We had the BEST Christmas EVER!!! The kids were very entertaining, and I took pics and video until my phone couldn't take anymore:p LOL

Lil' Chris got the drums that he asked for and Ayla got her green Polly Pocket helicopter that she asked Santa for:) She was even soooo happy, that she cried tears of joy when she opened it!!! It was so adorable that it made me cry:)

As I reflect on the day, I'm feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful, happy, "healthy" family!! There are many CF families who spend holidays in the hospital very ill, but Lil' Chris has had a GREAT year until he got a cough and stuffy nose this past Friday. It has gotten worse each day, but we are doing extra Vest and Albuterol treatments to help get rid of it. He recently got a new Vest machine which is really good, b/c it pauses every so many minutes to help him learn to cough in between. This new feature has been very helpful since he got this cough. He has his next CF clinic apt on Jan 8th, so I'm really hoping and praying that he doesn't culture Pseudomonas or something worse.

I wanted to share some good news that a fellow CFer, Piper Beatty, got the call for her 2nd double lung transplant today!! It's a Christmas Miracle!! So happy for her and her family! They are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as the donor family. Please pray everything goes smoothly and she has a quick recovery.

I know it's been a while since I posted last, but you might be seeing me post more often now that my awesome hubby got me a new touchscreen laptop for Christmas!! WOOHOO!!! I LOVE IT!!!! THANKS SO MUCH HONEY!!!!!


Friday, October 25, 2013

1st Visit from the Tooth Fairy!!!

Guess who lost his first tooth at 6 years old???

He was sooo excited that the tooth fairy was coming, that he couldn't fall asleep!! :) LOL  Is it weird that Mommy couldn't sleep either just anticipating the look on his face when he found out the tooth fairy had come?!? LOL

Luckily his most recent favorite movie is The Tooth Fairy with The Rock:) He's been watching it over and over and over...I guess anticipating when HE was going to get a visit from the tooth fairy;) Lucky for us, on the movie the kid only got $1 from the tooth fairy, so when I asked Lil' Chris what he thought he was going to get, he said $1. I wasn't sure how much it should be these days, so I was glad for the movie;) LOL

Now the tooth next to that one is loose and also one of his top front teeth is loose too!! Looks like he may be asking Santa for his 2 front teeth this year;p LOL

Saturday, October 12, 2013

1st Grade Field Trip to Ramseyer Farms

 Cool tunnels to run thru and peak through the bubble:)
 Cool new slides:)
 Lil' Chris doing flips, and Ayla getting buried in the corn:)
 Lil' Chris' turn to get buried:)
 Lil' Chris' Wooster Christian School 1st Grade class
As you can see in the pics, the kids had a BLAST at his 1st grade field trip to Ramseyer Farms!! He has a great bunch of classmates this year:) I look forward to getting to know them and their parents better:)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Culture Result!! / Pulmozyme WORKS for Lil' Chris!!

We finally got his throat culture result back and it was NORMAL AGAIN!! THAT'S 3 TIMES IN A ROW!!! WOO HOO!!! This momma is sooooooo excited!!!

I'm hoping and praying he goes the whole school year with all normal culture results! He goes for check-ups at the CF Clinic every 3 months, so his next appointment is on 1/8/14. Last year it was the end of October that he had his worst culture result...Pseudomonas:( But I guess we successfully eradicated it, b/c now he has had 3 NORMAL cultures!! YEA!!

So for now, no new changes to his daily routine. He still....
-takes 8 pills every morning, 
-5 pills with every meal and snack, 
-we try to feed him as many calories as we can(I wish I could eat whatever I wanted! lol), 
-he does his Vest for 30 min in the morning before school and 30 min at night before bed, 
-and he does his nebulized medicine called Pulmozyme every night.

I just wanted to say that we really do appreciate all that you have donated over the past 6 years, b/c it really helps bring out new and better meds for all CFers!! I gotta tell you...Lil' Chris has been on Pulmozyme for over a year now(he started last July) and he has only had one bad cough!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! He used to get 4-5 bad coughs a year! He used to be on antibiotics all the time it seemed! In the last year, the only antibiotics he was on was Omnicef until they discovered he had Pseudomonas, then they switched him to TOBI and Cipro. He did this one month on and then one month off and he hasn't been on any antibiotics since...and NO BAD COUGHS SINCE!!! WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU PULMOZYME!!! What Pulmozyme does is, it thins the mucus so it can be cleared out of the lungs much easier. CFers get thick, sticky mucus that builds up in their lungs and can cause really bad bacterias, like Pseudomonas, to grow. It is usually very hard to get rid of too, so we got very lucky. 
During his reading homework, he said he could even read it with his eyes closed;p LOL!!! It was sooo funny, b/c he kept peeking;p LOL!!!

Thank you everyone who prays for Lil' Chris on a daily basis!! Keep the prayers coming that he never gets Pseudomonas or anything worse every again!!


Friday, October 4, 2013

New Vest and Travel Neb!!!!!

 Guess who got too big for his blue Vest?? He now is in a Child Large!! I can't believe it!!!!
He is shooting with his Army Gun. LOL
 This looks like a school pic :) LOL
  He said he wanted the "Army Vest" b/c Spencer goes to the Army:) I think he learned to pose from Spencer too;p LOL

 New travel nebulizer. We are renting it to see if we like it...we'll probably end up buying it. It's pretty cool and he likes that he can walk around during treatment time:) 1st time ever not being tied down during treatment time!! (he started the neb before putting the Vest on to test out his freedom;)
Here are some pics of him using the travel neb, disposable neb cups, and his Army Vest on vacation to DisneyWorld...:)
 Ayla wanted a pic too;)
 He liked putting his arm thru the tubing;p
I def recommend using disposable neb cups when on vacation!! They were soooo nice!! They came individually packed, we used them, and then just threw them away!! Soooo easy!! We didn't have to worry about how we were going to sterilize them and dry them. We will def be using those on every vacation going forward!!!

http://mustardrevolution.blogspot.com/2013/09/2-years-ago.html  Remember baby Chaia from 2 years ago when I posted about her and her rare genetic heart disease?? Well, guess what?? She is still fighting like a champ!! Check her blog to see her cute lil' face:)

More Disney pics coming soon:)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Annual CF Clinic Visit Result 9/18/13 6 yrs old

Lil' Chris had a GREAT annual CF clinic visit the other day!! He gained some weight and a whole inch!! He was so proud that he didn't have any tears or even get teary eyed for either his throat culture OR his Flu Shot!!! He couldn't wait to tell his little sister, esp since she was rubbing it in that she only got teary eyed for her last shot;p LOL!!!

His PFT's were good too. Since he is 6 now, he started a new kind of PFT that he will only do on his annual visits that includes doing an inhaled Albuterol treatment, then different types of PFT's. He did VERY well!! He picked up on what to do after being told only once! He would go thru the motions before she would even tell him what to do! I was impressed!!!

New PFT with the door closed and she would use a microphone to tell him what to do.

His doctor said his lungs sounded GREAT!! YEA!!! This was the first year that we did not need to do Chest X-rays. He will do them every other year now. He does need to get blood work done before the end of the year though and each year:( He did not like hearing that...luckily for him I had to go to work;p We were there for 4 HOURS as it was:(

Just for my records,...
On 5/8/13 his height, weight, BMI, and PFT's were...48", 47.8 lbs, 33%, 84/79.
On 9/18/13 his height, weight, BMI, and PFT's were...49", 51.8 lbs, 44%, 94/82!!! He is in the 90th percentile for height and the 75th percentile for weight!! WOOHOO for BIG improvements!!!

Please pray with us that his culture comes back "normal" again! The last 2 have been normal, so praying for that again...and every time:) I'll keep you posted.

He has been doing GREAT health wise!!! He had a cold 3 weeks ago, but it did not turn into a nasty cough like it used to, so we are going on 8 months with NO ANTIBIOTICS!!!YEA!!!!!

His next check up is on 1/8/14

Friday, August 23, 2013

1st Grade and JK!!

I can't believe Lil' Chris and Ayla are both going to school now!! Lil' Chris is in 1st Grade and Ayla is in Junior Kindergarten. Time sure does fly!!!

They started on Tues 8/20/13 and they are both LOVING Wooster Christian School!! Ayla has the same teachers that Lil' Chris had last year, which is wonderful b/c they already know to be germ cautious even with Ayla, b/c she could bring home germs to Lil' Chris. Lil' Chris loves his new teacher and classmates! He's already asking for a play date with one of them:) He said "Micah's my best friend!" :)

 Here is Ayla's outfit that she picked out all by herself...Kohl's of course;)

Lil' Chris goes 9-3:30 and Ayla goes 9-12. Lil' Chris gets to take the bus in the afternoon which he LOVES!!! This was the first time he ever rode a bus all by himself...my lil' boy is getting soooo big;(

His new teacher has been very receptive to everything I have told her a bout being germ cautious. She even put a hand sanitizer in her recess bag, and he has a small one in his desk! She said she will move his desk if someone close to him is coughing or is sick just like they did last year. It seemed to work pretty good last year! He only had 2 colds during the school year, and after the first one it unfortunately turned into a bad cough which turned into our worst nightmare...Pseudomonas:( But, he did the harsh treatments of Cipro and TOBI and we were successful in eradicating it after a few months!!! He has cultured "Normal" since then!! His next CF clinic apt is on 9/18, so I am curious to see what his culture result will be. I'm praying it continues to be Normal and no Pseudomonas!! Pseudomonas is a VERY VERY dangerous bacteria to have in his lungs.

The Administrator has been super helpful in setting up his 504 plan again this year. We only had to add one thing to it b/c he will be eating lunch there this year. Since calories and keeping his weight up is soooo important for CFers, I asked that he be monitored and pushed a little to make sure he eats. So far so good! The first day he came home and said "Mom, I ate my WHOLE sandwich...even the crust!!" :) YEA!!! I'm trying to figure out how to get more calories into his lunchbox...this is all new, so still figuring things out;) I'm thinking maybe buying something that won't spill so I can put his whole milk or scandishake(600 cal drink) in it. I'll figure something out.

I'm also getting with the Administrator to send a letter out to the parents of both their classes to inform them what CF is, that it's not contagious, and to ask if they could please keep their child home if possible when they are sick, or to let the teacher know in the morning so that she can keep them separated. This is HUGE HUGE HUGE and very important for Lil' Chris' health, b/c just the common cold could put him in the hospital!!

The kids are selling Eagle Cards as a fundraiser for school, so if anyone lives in the Wooster area and would like to buy one, just let me know! They are only $10 and have many different great deals on them!! One of them being a buy one public skate admission and get one free at Alice Noble Ice Arena. That's where I do most of my CF fundraisers!!! I'm proud to say that a few of the others on the card have helped out with CF in one way or another too!! Here are some of them...
Domino's Pizza(they donated all our pizza for our walk the past 2 years:)-buy one pizza and get one free
Auntie Anne's-buy 2 pretzels and get one free
Buffalo Wild Wings-buy a sandwich and get one free
The Faithful Little Cupcake(they did a CF fundraiser last year:)-buy a coffee and get a free cupcake
Hartzler's Ice Cream-buy one small ice cream and get one free
OH-YO Frozen Yogurt-buy one and get one free up to 10oz
Omahoma Bob's BBQ(they did a give away at our CF walk:)-buy one dinner and get one free
Wayne Lanes-buy one game and get one free
Wendy's-buy one combo meal and get one free (you get your money back right here, b/c one combo meal is like $7 and you can do it up to 4 times, so you spend $10 on the card and can get potentially $28 worth of food for free!!:)
There are others too, and some you can do up to 4 times and others are 2 times each, and others are unlimited amount of times, like Domino's!!! :) The best part is, that you have a whole year before it expires!! Let me know if you are interested, b/c we only have until 9/19 to sell them!! Last year we personally used 2 cards!! The Wendy's alone was worth it!! :) 

BIG THANK YOU to 5 of our neighbors who bought them already!! It really is a great deal! The kids were soooo excited to go around and sell them! I was surprised that they were not shy about it at all!! LOL We did half the neighborhood the other day, and we will do the other half tonight or another night:)

As for a CF update...Lil' Chris is doing GREAT!!! He got something new that is kinda cool...but I'll save that for my next post;P

Please pray they both have a great, happy, HEALTHY school year!!!!
PS. It's kinda nice having time to blog again:) lol

Friday, July 19, 2013

CF Med List Expense/BCMH Approval!!!

WE GOT OUR APPROVAL LETTER IN THE MAIL FOR BCMH(Lil' Chris' secondary insurance)!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

It's a good thing too, b/c the same day we got his approval letter, we also got a statement in the mail saying that his $1,500 for 2 of his meds was paid for!! Praise the Lord!!!

I found this cool price list for most CF meds...https://www.cfservicespharmacy.com/ProductsandPrices/
Check it out to see how much you/your child's meds are without having to rummage thru all your bills and statements:)

Here is a breakdown of Lil' Chris' meds...
Enzymes=Creon 6,000= 5 with every meal, about 25 per day=$1,200 for 30 day supply
Prevacid=once daily=$250 for 30 day supply
Aquadeks=once daily=$42 for 30 day supply
Pulmozyme=inhaled once daily=$2,700 for 30 day supply
Albuterol Puffer= (was not listed)

When he cultures Pseudomonas, he has to take the following...
Cipro=$530 for 30 day supply
TOBI=twice daily for 28 days=$8,000 

TobiPodhaler=$8,000 (this just got approved, so he may take this next time he cultures Pseudomonas instead of TOBI, b/c it cuts treatment time down by about 40 minutes per day. I was surprised to see it costs the same as TOBI)

He also takes Claritin daily too, which is not listed b/c it's for his seasonal allergies. Not sure how much it is, but our insurance and BCMH covers that also thankfully. I think it's around $40.

So, our grand total for just one month without TOBI and Cipro=$4,334
Grand total with TOBI and Cipro=$12,864

Grand total for one YEAR without TOBI and Cipro=$52,008
Grand total for one year with TOBI and Cipro every other month=$103,188 


I don't know what we would do without it!!

My advice to other CF families is to get with your CF clinic's social worker to find out about any other financial assistance programs your area might have. BCMH is for my state, but your state may have something similar. Also, even if you think you may make too much and won't get approved...just apply anyways. It doesn't hurt anything by applying. You never know, you might get approved anyways, b/c of how serious a disease CF is! If you get denied one year, apply again each year. Like I said, it doesn't hurt to try...your effort will pay off once you get approved:)

Please pray that we continue to get approved each year as you can see the impact it has on our family.
PS. Lil' Chris is doing GREAT! NO COUGH!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cough/cold update

For an update on the kids colds and coughs...

Both of their colds/allergies seem to be gone. YEA for no more sniffles!!!

As for their coughs, they seem to be gone too!!!! YEA!!!! I think it mainly stopped before the 4th of July, not sure of exact date;) Praise God that our treatment plan worked and Lil Chris' cough didn't get worse and turn into something bad. Anytime he has a cough and doesn't need an antibiotic is good, because he could build up a resistance to the antibiotic, and some of the harsher antibiotics could have serious side effects.

Just because he stopped coughing doesn't mean that some bad bacteria isn't lurking deep down in his lungs. The last time he cultured Pseudomonas he didn't have a cough at all. His next CF clinic appointment isn't for a little while, so we are praying that this cough(even though it went away without antibiotics) didn't produce anything.

Please pray that his next culture comes back normal like the last 2!!!!
PS. Sorry for no pic, I tried to post a pic of the 2 of them doing treatments together, but either blogger isn't working properly, or it's my crappy laptop. IDK:( Getting frustrated, but I really don't want to get rid of this blog. It helps me keep track of everything, but I really miss putting pics and videos on here all the time:(

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney 2012 Vaca Photo Book

Check out this Photo Book we made by Shutterfly of our 2012 Disney Vacation...(better late than never, right??) LOL

Click here to view this photo book larger

Shutterfly photo books are the new way to preserve your memories. Create your own today.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Vaca Fun / Cough:(

I was on vacation this past week while my husband had to work, and the kids and I had a GREAT time together!! We did many outside things in between rainstorms all week. We went to 2 different spray parks, pool, and even had fun with their old blowup pool with slide!! I guess we had too much fun, b/c by Thursday, Ayla's nose started running non-stop. At first we thought it was allergies, but when it kept running ALL day, we thought maybe it was a cold. Lil' Chris started with a stuffy nose too. Then he woke up Friday morning with a bad productive cough:( I've been hearing a lot of people having allergy issues with all these storms and hot weather, so I still don't know if it's their allergies or a cold. 

Lil' Chris' cough may be from post nasal drip, b/c his nose is stuffy. So, my last day of vaca(fri) was spent doing treatments and giving meds. We want to get rid of his cough ASAP before it gets deep down in his lungs. We've been doing more treatments to help him get it up and spit it out so that it doesn't get down in his lungs and start growing bad bacterias which could lead his health down a very wrong path.When I called the CF nurse to ask if we should increase the Pulmozyme to 2 times a day, she said no, to just increase everything else and maybe try Mucinex which works like Pulmozyme to help thin the mucus to help get it out. He has been doing a GREAT job with the extra treatments, and has spit out mucus a few times now!! Ayla has been doing her Albuterol puffer too along with Lil' Chris and has been taking a cough suppressant, b/c she started with a lil' cough. They like doing the treatments together:)

Here is what we have been doing...
After breakfast...Flonase, Mucinex, Albuterol puffer, Vest-30min, Acapella
After lunch...Albuterol puffer, Vest-30min, Acapella
Before bed...Flonase, Mucinex, Albuterol puffer, inhaled Pulmozyme, Vest-30min, Acapella
I will keep you posted on how they are doing. Please pray that his cough goes away quick and he doesn't get any bad bacteria's in his lungs. We know that every time we go somewhere...there is always a risk of him getting sick. You never know if there is another CFer there, or if another kid is sick, etc.... We try not to keep him in a bubble though.

Above is just 2 of the many video's I took this vacation:) I wish I could post the pics, but blogger isn't letting me right now:( I did post some on facebook though.

Praising God that 10 year old Sarah with CF is doing well with her new lungs. She had to get another set of lungs 3 days after the first set, but is doing better and got all her chest tubes out!! Please keep her and the 2 donor families in your prayers.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Community Garage Sale/CF Bake Sale Sat 6/15 8a-3p

Our Annual Community Garage Sale is Sat June 15th from 8a-3p!!!! If you want the address, please email me at lilcmom@gmail.com. 100% of everything we sell at our house is going towards a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis and our neighborhood is doing a Bake Sale/Goodies for CF!!! Some houses will have baked goodies, others will have hot dogs or chips or drinks, etc... We are trying something a little different this year instead of everyone just doing baked goods:)

Last year we all raised $400!!! I wonder if we can reach $500 this year???

The other day, we got a visitor from a lady that lives up the road in an elderly home. She is in a wheelchair and remembers us from our Garage Sale last year, and remembered about us raising money for Cystic Fibrosis for our son. She said that she is having her own sale and that she wants 100% to go towards a CURE for CF!! Isn't that the nicest thing ever!!! Her name is Barb and will be visiting us at our garage sale too. I can't wait to thank her for her generosity and for thinking of us:)

This is why we do the community bake sale for CF...not JUST to raise money, but to spread the word about Cystic Fibrosis!! One in 31 Americans is a symptomless carrier of CF, just like my husband and I. Two carriers together have a one in four chance that each child will have Cystic Fibrosis. Lil' Chris was our 1 in 4 chance. Luckily Ayla was not born with CF.

So, spread the word about CF neighbors!! The best website is cff.org!!

PS. Lil' Chris is doing great and can't wait for his cousins to come from NJ tomorrow for the whole week:) Also, we are so happy that Sarah, 10 year old CF girl, was able to get her new lungs!! It's been all over the news and I am so proud of her mom for doing everything she could to save her daughter by petitioning for her to get lungs even though she is under the age limit.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Weekend Project!!

Here it is....
 Lil' Chris and Ayla helping:)
 This is just steps 2-12 out of 35 steps of wood with their bags of screws and nails(lots of prep work)
 My sheet to organize each step;) LOL
 Our AWESOME neighbor, Sean, was a HUGE HELP!! THANK YOU SEAN!!
 Lil' Chris helping:)
 Lil' Chris helping get the roof started:)
 Ayla is on the 2nd floor, and the Chris' are on the 3rd floor;) lol
 One roof is up!! It's so cool that Chris and I can stand up straight on the 2nd floor:)
 Chillin while Daddy and Sean put on the 2nd roof:)
 About to put on the swing part!!! YEA!!
 Playing while Daddy puts the picnic table together:)
 Ayla swinging while Lil' Chris was at his last day of JKindergarten. She was happy to have it all to herself:)
 They go pretty high! Their heads go above the 3rd floor!! This is their favorite part...the yellow swing;) LOL
 Having their 1st picnic at their new picnic table:) It's kinda nice in the shade behind the rock wall and slide!
 Spying on me with their telescope, and Ayla driving the ship with the wheel!!
They couldn't be happier:) The smiles on their faces every time they play on it, makes it all worth it:)