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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Vaca Fun / Cough:(

I was on vacation this past week while my husband had to work, and the kids and I had a GREAT time together!! We did many outside things in between rainstorms all week. We went to 2 different spray parks, pool, and even had fun with their old blowup pool with slide!! I guess we had too much fun, b/c by Thursday, Ayla's nose started running non-stop. At first we thought it was allergies, but when it kept running ALL day, we thought maybe it was a cold. Lil' Chris started with a stuffy nose too. Then he woke up Friday morning with a bad productive cough:( I've been hearing a lot of people having allergy issues with all these storms and hot weather, so I still don't know if it's their allergies or a cold. 

Lil' Chris' cough may be from post nasal drip, b/c his nose is stuffy. So, my last day of vaca(fri) was spent doing treatments and giving meds. We want to get rid of his cough ASAP before it gets deep down in his lungs. We've been doing more treatments to help him get it up and spit it out so that it doesn't get down in his lungs and start growing bad bacterias which could lead his health down a very wrong path.When I called the CF nurse to ask if we should increase the Pulmozyme to 2 times a day, she said no, to just increase everything else and maybe try Mucinex which works like Pulmozyme to help thin the mucus to help get it out. He has been doing a GREAT job with the extra treatments, and has spit out mucus a few times now!! Ayla has been doing her Albuterol puffer too along with Lil' Chris and has been taking a cough suppressant, b/c she started with a lil' cough. They like doing the treatments together:)

Here is what we have been doing...
After breakfast...Flonase, Mucinex, Albuterol puffer, Vest-30min, Acapella
After lunch...Albuterol puffer, Vest-30min, Acapella
Before bed...Flonase, Mucinex, Albuterol puffer, inhaled Pulmozyme, Vest-30min, Acapella
I will keep you posted on how they are doing. Please pray that his cough goes away quick and he doesn't get any bad bacteria's in his lungs. We know that every time we go somewhere...there is always a risk of him getting sick. You never know if there is another CFer there, or if another kid is sick, etc.... We try not to keep him in a bubble though.

Above is just 2 of the many video's I took this vacation:) I wish I could post the pics, but blogger isn't letting me right now:( I did post some on facebook though.

Praising God that 10 year old Sarah with CF is doing well with her new lungs. She had to get another set of lungs 3 days after the first set, but is doing better and got all her chest tubes out!! Please keep her and the 2 donor families in your prayers.

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