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Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun Weekend Project!!

Here it is....
 Lil' Chris and Ayla helping:)
 This is just steps 2-12 out of 35 steps of wood with their bags of screws and nails(lots of prep work)
 My sheet to organize each step;) LOL
 Our AWESOME neighbor, Sean, was a HUGE HELP!! THANK YOU SEAN!!
 Lil' Chris helping:)
 Lil' Chris helping get the roof started:)
 Ayla is on the 2nd floor, and the Chris' are on the 3rd floor;) lol
 One roof is up!! It's so cool that Chris and I can stand up straight on the 2nd floor:)
 Chillin while Daddy and Sean put on the 2nd roof:)
 About to put on the swing part!!! YEA!!
 Playing while Daddy puts the picnic table together:)
 Ayla swinging while Lil' Chris was at his last day of JKindergarten. She was happy to have it all to herself:)
 They go pretty high! Their heads go above the 3rd floor!! This is their favorite part...the yellow swing;) LOL
 Having their 1st picnic at their new picnic table:) It's kinda nice in the shade behind the rock wall and slide!
 Spying on me with their telescope, and Ayla driving the ship with the wheel!!
They couldn't be happier:) The smiles on their faces every time they play on it, makes it all worth it:)

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