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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CF Update / Ice Skating Video / Ayla potty training update

A quick update: Lil' Chris' cough is all better. YEA!! NO ANTIBIOTICS!! WOOHOO!!! Good thing too, b/c I was fighting back and forth with our insurance for a few weeks! He even had to go a week or so without his Prevacid and Aquadek. I def noticed a difference in his stools when he wasn't on the Prevacid! They were def oily. I didn't think the Prevacid did that much, but I guess it does.

Ayla on the other hand started with a stuffy nose and a lil' cough last week. I think it might just be either allergies(mine have been bothering me in the AM too), or she's getting her molars or something. So far Lil' Chris has not caught it and neither has my husband or I...which leads me to believe it's not a cold. She is getting better now though and it's almost all gone. On a good note...she is doing EXCELLENT with her potty training at night time!! I lost count as to how many days in a row it has been now that she has woken up dry!! YEA!!! :)

I've been working on our Christmas video. I finally uploaded most of them, but it is like 38 minutes long. YIKES!! So I'll try to cut it down for you all:) Soooo probably by next Christmas I'll have it done;-) LOL

As part of an AiA event for Kohl's, we have had the opportunity to go ice skating these last few months and the kids LOVE it, and so do I ;)!!! I may have to get some lessons for them:) Today, Ayla finally skated ALL BY HERSELF!!! (with the help of the red walker, that is;) LOL Lil' Chris was racing and going super fast...I couldn't believe it!! They both make me soooo proud ice skating so well at 2 and 4 years old!! It was a little scary when we went today, because Jack, a fellow CF buddy, was there too. So I was extra careful to keep the boys far apart. CFers can share bacterias, so they can't be around each other. Below are some pics and video's of the last couple of times we went...

We have some pretty big news for the kids in the next couple of days!! YEA!!! I'll try to post their reaction if I can catch it on camera:)

Thanks for always checking in on us:)