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Friday, July 19, 2013

CF Med List Expense/BCMH Approval!!!

WE GOT OUR APPROVAL LETTER IN THE MAIL FOR BCMH(Lil' Chris' secondary insurance)!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

It's a good thing too, b/c the same day we got his approval letter, we also got a statement in the mail saying that his $1,500 for 2 of his meds was paid for!! Praise the Lord!!!

I found this cool price list for most CF meds...https://www.cfservicespharmacy.com/ProductsandPrices/
Check it out to see how much you/your child's meds are without having to rummage thru all your bills and statements:)

Here is a breakdown of Lil' Chris' meds...
Enzymes=Creon 6,000= 5 with every meal, about 25 per day=$1,200 for 30 day supply
Prevacid=once daily=$250 for 30 day supply
Aquadeks=once daily=$42 for 30 day supply
Pulmozyme=inhaled once daily=$2,700 for 30 day supply
Albuterol Puffer= (was not listed)

When he cultures Pseudomonas, he has to take the following...
Cipro=$530 for 30 day supply
TOBI=twice daily for 28 days=$8,000 

TobiPodhaler=$8,000 (this just got approved, so he may take this next time he cultures Pseudomonas instead of TOBI, b/c it cuts treatment time down by about 40 minutes per day. I was surprised to see it costs the same as TOBI)

He also takes Claritin daily too, which is not listed b/c it's for his seasonal allergies. Not sure how much it is, but our insurance and BCMH covers that also thankfully. I think it's around $40.

So, our grand total for just one month without TOBI and Cipro=$4,334
Grand total with TOBI and Cipro=$12,864

Grand total for one YEAR without TOBI and Cipro=$52,008
Grand total for one year with TOBI and Cipro every other month=$103,188 


I don't know what we would do without it!!

My advice to other CF families is to get with your CF clinic's social worker to find out about any other financial assistance programs your area might have. BCMH is for my state, but your state may have something similar. Also, even if you think you may make too much and won't get approved...just apply anyways. It doesn't hurt anything by applying. You never know, you might get approved anyways, b/c of how serious a disease CF is! If you get denied one year, apply again each year. Like I said, it doesn't hurt to try...your effort will pay off once you get approved:)

Please pray that we continue to get approved each year as you can see the impact it has on our family.
PS. Lil' Chris is doing GREAT! NO COUGH!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cough/cold update

For an update on the kids colds and coughs...

Both of their colds/allergies seem to be gone. YEA for no more sniffles!!!

As for their coughs, they seem to be gone too!!!! YEA!!!! I think it mainly stopped before the 4th of July, not sure of exact date;) Praise God that our treatment plan worked and Lil Chris' cough didn't get worse and turn into something bad. Anytime he has a cough and doesn't need an antibiotic is good, because he could build up a resistance to the antibiotic, and some of the harsher antibiotics could have serious side effects.

Just because he stopped coughing doesn't mean that some bad bacteria isn't lurking deep down in his lungs. The last time he cultured Pseudomonas he didn't have a cough at all. His next CF clinic appointment isn't for a little while, so we are praying that this cough(even though it went away without antibiotics) didn't produce anything.

Please pray that his next culture comes back normal like the last 2!!!!
PS. Sorry for no pic, I tried to post a pic of the 2 of them doing treatments together, but either blogger isn't working properly, or it's my crappy laptop. IDK:( Getting frustrated, but I really don't want to get rid of this blog. It helps me keep track of everything, but I really miss putting pics and videos on here all the time:(