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Friday, July 12, 2013

Cough/cold update

For an update on the kids colds and coughs...

Both of their colds/allergies seem to be gone. YEA for no more sniffles!!!

As for their coughs, they seem to be gone too!!!! YEA!!!! I think it mainly stopped before the 4th of July, not sure of exact date;) Praise God that our treatment plan worked and Lil Chris' cough didn't get worse and turn into something bad. Anytime he has a cough and doesn't need an antibiotic is good, because he could build up a resistance to the antibiotic, and some of the harsher antibiotics could have serious side effects.

Just because he stopped coughing doesn't mean that some bad bacteria isn't lurking deep down in his lungs. The last time he cultured Pseudomonas he didn't have a cough at all. His next CF clinic appointment isn't for a little while, so we are praying that this cough(even though it went away without antibiotics) didn't produce anything.

Please pray that his next culture comes back normal like the last 2!!!!
PS. Sorry for no pic, I tried to post a pic of the 2 of them doing treatments together, but either blogger isn't working properly, or it's my crappy laptop. IDK:( Getting frustrated, but I really don't want to get rid of this blog. It helps me keep track of everything, but I really miss putting pics and videos on here all the time:(


Victoria's Mom said...

Super glad their coughs are gone!

I haven't been able to post pictures for a while either. So my blogging has been super lax because of that.

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I know what you mean!!