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Friday, August 23, 2013

1st Grade and JK!!

I can't believe Lil' Chris and Ayla are both going to school now!! Lil' Chris is in 1st Grade and Ayla is in Junior Kindergarten. Time sure does fly!!!

They started on Tues 8/20/13 and they are both LOVING Wooster Christian School!! Ayla has the same teachers that Lil' Chris had last year, which is wonderful b/c they already know to be germ cautious even with Ayla, b/c she could bring home germs to Lil' Chris. Lil' Chris loves his new teacher and classmates! He's already asking for a play date with one of them:) He said "Micah's my best friend!" :)

 Here is Ayla's outfit that she picked out all by herself...Kohl's of course;)

Lil' Chris goes 9-3:30 and Ayla goes 9-12. Lil' Chris gets to take the bus in the afternoon which he LOVES!!! This was the first time he ever rode a bus all by himself...my lil' boy is getting soooo big;(

His new teacher has been very receptive to everything I have told her a bout being germ cautious. She even put a hand sanitizer in her recess bag, and he has a small one in his desk! She said she will move his desk if someone close to him is coughing or is sick just like they did last year. It seemed to work pretty good last year! He only had 2 colds during the school year, and after the first one it unfortunately turned into a bad cough which turned into our worst nightmare...Pseudomonas:( But, he did the harsh treatments of Cipro and TOBI and we were successful in eradicating it after a few months!!! He has cultured "Normal" since then!! His next CF clinic apt is on 9/18, so I am curious to see what his culture result will be. I'm praying it continues to be Normal and no Pseudomonas!! Pseudomonas is a VERY VERY dangerous bacteria to have in his lungs.

The Administrator has been super helpful in setting up his 504 plan again this year. We only had to add one thing to it b/c he will be eating lunch there this year. Since calories and keeping his weight up is soooo important for CFers, I asked that he be monitored and pushed a little to make sure he eats. So far so good! The first day he came home and said "Mom, I ate my WHOLE sandwich...even the crust!!" :) YEA!!! I'm trying to figure out how to get more calories into his lunchbox...this is all new, so still figuring things out;) I'm thinking maybe buying something that won't spill so I can put his whole milk or scandishake(600 cal drink) in it. I'll figure something out.

I'm also getting with the Administrator to send a letter out to the parents of both their classes to inform them what CF is, that it's not contagious, and to ask if they could please keep their child home if possible when they are sick, or to let the teacher know in the morning so that she can keep them separated. This is HUGE HUGE HUGE and very important for Lil' Chris' health, b/c just the common cold could put him in the hospital!!

The kids are selling Eagle Cards as a fundraiser for school, so if anyone lives in the Wooster area and would like to buy one, just let me know! They are only $10 and have many different great deals on them!! One of them being a buy one public skate admission and get one free at Alice Noble Ice Arena. That's where I do most of my CF fundraisers!!! I'm proud to say that a few of the others on the card have helped out with CF in one way or another too!! Here are some of them...
Domino's Pizza(they donated all our pizza for our walk the past 2 years:)-buy one pizza and get one free
Auntie Anne's-buy 2 pretzels and get one free
Buffalo Wild Wings-buy a sandwich and get one free
The Faithful Little Cupcake(they did a CF fundraiser last year:)-buy a coffee and get a free cupcake
Hartzler's Ice Cream-buy one small ice cream and get one free
OH-YO Frozen Yogurt-buy one and get one free up to 10oz
Omahoma Bob's BBQ(they did a give away at our CF walk:)-buy one dinner and get one free
Wayne Lanes-buy one game and get one free
Wendy's-buy one combo meal and get one free (you get your money back right here, b/c one combo meal is like $7 and you can do it up to 4 times, so you spend $10 on the card and can get potentially $28 worth of food for free!!:)
There are others too, and some you can do up to 4 times and others are 2 times each, and others are unlimited amount of times, like Domino's!!! :) The best part is, that you have a whole year before it expires!! Let me know if you are interested, b/c we only have until 9/19 to sell them!! Last year we personally used 2 cards!! The Wendy's alone was worth it!! :) 

BIG THANK YOU to 5 of our neighbors who bought them already!! It really is a great deal! The kids were soooo excited to go around and sell them! I was surprised that they were not shy about it at all!! LOL We did half the neighborhood the other day, and we will do the other half tonight or another night:)

As for a CF update...Lil' Chris is doing GREAT!!! He got something new that is kinda cool...but I'll save that for my next post;P

Please pray they both have a great, happy, HEALTHY school year!!!!
PS. It's kinda nice having time to blog again:) lol