Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I love being an Aunt...

I know I said I would post a slideshow of pics from our vacation... I am working on it but it's not quite ready yet & I've been wanting to comment on my sister's big news!

I'm so excited for them!! Isn't it awesome when God makes a decision for you & takes the stress right out of your hands? I've been there & I remember the feeling of relief when I realized I could just begin moving forward on the very clear path He set for me. I feel like that is what He's done for M & Big C. Granted it might be a little sooner than they planned for baby #2 & it is only natural that they be concerned about the CF aspect, but God has a plan! It is so comforting to know He is in control & has plans to prosper us & give us hope (Jeremiah 29:11). I know M & Big C believe that with all their hearts & rest in the peace that comes with faith God & His will for our lives.

Please pray for M right now as she isn't feeling well. As far as I know, she's not nearly as sick as she was with Lil Chris but it's still tough to feel nauseous all day long. I've said before how much Big Chris loves kids & I can only imagine how excited he must be. When M is feeling better I'm sure she will give us all the details on how she shared the news with Big Chris & how they're doing now.

Thanks for listening! Coming soon: Vacation slideshow!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Bad Day:(

Hey Everyone,
Sorry it's been a while, but you know how 24/7 morning sickness goes:( Also, our laptop isn't working for some reason. Now I have to wait til Lil' Chris is sleeping to come downstairs to use our big computer. Oh well. It just stinks, b/c that means even less time I'll get to chat with you all:(

Well, Lil' Chris had another really bad day yesterday. We thought we would try some Vanilla Pediasure since he is supposed to switch to Pediasure, and the chocolate definitely didn't agree with him a couple of weeks ago. He drank about 4 oz. Went down for a nap. Then woke up puking all over! He then continued to puke every 5 minutes just like the last time. Poor thing was so exhausted, he kept falling asleep in between puking. His lil' body was just limp. This all started around 12:00 in the afternoon and he finally stopped puking around 4 or 5pm. We just gave him Pedialyte and water. He slept a lot, so I thought he was going to be up all night, but he actually slept all night too!

Today he seemed a little more himself, but threw up his first bottle a lil bit. So we are back to Pedialyte and water. We'll see how the night goes. We still are not quite sure as to why his body can't handle the Pediasure. It says Lactose Free, so it can't be that. I called the Dietitian and told her that he is not going to be able to switch to Pediasure since he can't keep it down. So, she is going to bring some different samples to my work this Sunday(what a great Dietitian:) so we can try them with Lil' Chris. Hopefully he can keep these down. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally....I'm blogging!

Hark! What is that I hear? Ah yes! It is silence, dear silence...something I haven't heard very often in recent months. The kiddos are in bed, the hubby isn't home, & the laundry is caught up so it's officially me time now! Woo woo! Granted, I have two weeks to pack up this apartment & move several states away but what's the rush? I'll get it all done in time...I work better under pressure. =P

Anyway, sorry it's taken me so long to post....I know M tossed me the blog baton on Monday but it's been a crazy week! (Are you as tired of hearing me say that as I am?) Seriously though, we got back from our trip (which was awesome) late Sunday night & starting early afternoon on Monday commenced 3 days of dance dress rehersals & recitals for my girls. As much as I love watching their final performances for the year, it's a stressful few days for dear old Mom or Mommya as my oldest calls me - no idea where she came up with that one. Now it's all done, they both did a fantastic job & I can sit & catch up on my blogging...

We had such a great time visiting with Gram, family, M, Big Chris & Lil Chris last weekend!! Lil Chris has grown so much since the last time I saw him!!! He's chubby & he seems tall for his age to me. The only hint that he's a CF'er was watching M give him his enzymes before meals. I know they did his vest too but even though our rooms were side by side I never heard it. M & Big Chris are doing such an awesome job taking care of him! He's a happy, healthy little boy who happens to have CF. I give them so much credit for getting him out there & letting him experience things when I'm sure they'd love to just put him in a bubble & keep all of us coughing, sneezing, germy people away from him. =) I know that's what I would want to do but it wouldn't be fair. His cute lil personality needs to be shared with the world! He's such a good baby too & he just loved watching the big kids run around last weekend. I could tell he wanted to get down & run around with them! Next time we see him I'm sure he'll be able to do just that. I can't wait!

M surprised us with her announcement on Friday which honestly took the whole weekend to sink in to my feeble brain. On Saturday, we had climbed partway up our Gram's mountain, crossed a swollen brook & were on our way back down before it occured to me that perhaps M should have taken it a little easy. I don't know what I was thinking! She was a champ though (as usual). Made it all the way & didn't even bat an eyelash. Big Chris carried Lil Chris in one of those strap on carriers the whole way so I think he really had the rough end of that bargain. =) My hubby too...he carried our son on his shoulders most of the way which couldn't have been easy. We all loved every minute of it though! My oldest daughter hiked up with us & learned so much from my Uncle Joe on the way. The mountain, forest & fields on the property were Uncle Joe, Dad & their siblings playground when they were growing up & it was so cool to hear their stories as we were walking. My daughter can now pick out a white birch from a yellow birch, can see Moose tracks & tell you which direction he's walking in & knows how to make a cup from a leaf to drink from a mountain spring. How cool is that? Uncle Joe & Dad took her fishing too but I'll save that story for another day... Gram really loved seeing the boys & they loved seeing her even though my little guy didn't want to sit still long enough for anyone to get a good look at him. ha! I'm hoping to have some pictures for you soon. We have so many great ones that I think I'll just have to make a slideshow.

Gram,Uncle Joe, Aunt Diana, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Ken, Aunt Carolyn & family, it was so wonderful to visit with all of you! Thank you so much for taking the time out to spend the weekend with us. We had the best time & the girls are still talking about it! We love you guys & we miss you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit and Some BIG NEWS!!

Hey Everyone,
We are back from vacation and back to blogging! I know, you are excited as I am ;)

This was Lil' Chris' first time meeting his Great Grandma! He loved her from the first minute he saw her. So cute!! It was also his first time meeting all my Aunts and Uncles! He loved each and every one of them. Lil' Chris was so good the whole trip. He even climbed a mountain with no problem! What a trooper he was. It wore him out so much, that he slept through his whole 20 minute Vest the next morning! That was the first time EVER!!
It was great seeing my sister, D, and her family too and my Dad. I wish we all lived closer:(

I would show you pictures from this weekend, but I haven't found my thingy to download the pics yet. Sorry:( Maybe D can post some pics for me. I think it's great that we both do this blog together. Especially since she may have to do most of the blogging for the next month or so until I start feeling better. "What do you mean, you ask?" Well....I kinda have some news for ya.......
Yup, I couldn't believe it either! I am 2 months along and sick as a dog:( But hopefully only for another month. It's still hard to believe that Lil' Chris is going to be a big brother! I get an ultrasound on the 18th of July, so I'll let you know how it goes. My due date as of right now is January 30th, 2009! The doctors have already asked if we want to get tests done to see if this baby will have CF too like Lil' Chris. We haven't really decided yet, but does it really matter? We are going to love and care for this baby no matter what he or she has or doesn't have! The Lord knows what he is doing, and we have faith in Him.
To any CF moms out there...did you get the test done to see if the baby you were carrying had CF?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Yea! Tomorrow morning we leave for a long weekend trip to visit our family up north! The kids, my hubby & I always look forward to our trips to visit Gram & our Aunt's, Uncle's & cousins.

This trip is extra special for a couple reasons.... 1) we'll get to spend time with Lil Chris, M & Big Chris who we haven't seen since March & 2) we'll get to introduce everyone to our two new boys, Lil Chris & my son R. My girls have grown a lot since our last trip so I know Gram will love seeing them now that they're "big girls". In their minds being 9 & 5 is all grown up & of course I am positively ancient. LOL!

I was looking for a good picture of all the kids from M & Big Chris' visit in March & of course I don't have a perfect one, but this one's not too bad. My little guy is on the left & the blondie on the right is our sister C's son (how cute is he?). My big girls & Lil Chris are in the middle. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post after we get back so you'll be able to see how much they've changed since this picture was taken in March.

Just to give you a little taste of where we'll be spending our weekend...here is a picture of a small part of our Uncle's property.

Isn't it beautiful? This part of the land was where my grandparent's original home was when my Dad & his siblings were very small. They moved up the road a ways to a different part of the property when the children were older. When the time came for my Dad's oldest brother & his wife to build their own house they decided to build it themselves on the site of the original home. Pretty neat, huh? I love to hear the stories of Dad's family as they were growing up. Running in the fields with the cows, fishing, hunting & of course working. When your Dad is a lumberjack & your Mom is raising 5 kids on a farm that's miles from anywhere, work is a natural part of life & it builds character. It wasn't an easy life but they have wonderful memories of their childhood & it helped to shape some great men & women as did our Gram who is an amazing woman herself! I see a lot of her in M as she faces every CF challenge & weathers it calmly & with strength of character. We are fortunate to have been given a great legacy to carry on from both sides of our family!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Spray Pool Videos


I caught him saying "Da Da" in this one:)


Q&A and Update

He didn't get any shots at his last cf clinic visit, but he will get shots I think at his visit this Wednesday at the Pediatrician for his 1 year check up. Hopefully he won't get sick since the next day we leave for a short vacation(14hr. car trip:(
That's great news about the girls!! YEA!! I'm so happy for you all!! You are obviously doing a GREAT job with them:)

We got the spray pool at Babies R Us I think for only $14.99. Lil' Chris loves it! I'll post more videos from that day. I think I filled the memory card that day:)LOL

Lil' Chris has been doing much better. No throw up thank God! We tried to give him some of the Vanilla Pediasure tonight, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He barely even got a taste. So, this switch over from formula to Pediasure is going to be much more difficult than I thought unfortunately:( I still have to call the Dietitian to reschedule the sweat test, genetic test, and speech therapy section. So, I think I may ask her if there is something else that she can recommend for Lil' Chris to switch to instead of the Pediasure. Hopefully there is something he will like.

We did get his throat culture back a couple of days ago. He has Capnocytophaga species, a common mouth bacteria. They said that it is not significant for children with CF. He will probably not grow it again. It does NOT need any treatment. This could be found in many mouths-either CF or not. They said not to worry and to make no changes and to keep doing what we are doing;)
PS. Still working on getting the birthday pics, there is just too many! I think I filled 2 memory cards that day;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just a quick post tonight to wish a Happy Father's Day to my two brother's in law, Big Chris & TA.
These two guys are not only great brother's in law & uncles but they're also really great Dads! I'm so glad my sisters found such great guys to marry & raise their children with! Thanks guys for being great uncles to my kids & great Dad's to my nephews. Hope you both had a fun day!

Happy Father's Day & happy birthday to my husband S. We had a fun time with family today celebrating both occasions!

To all our blog readers who are Dads....Happy Father's Day! Hope your day was happy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Time in the Spray Pool

This was the first time Lil' Chris went in his new spray pool. He didn't like it very much at first, but then he warmed up to it, probably when the water started to warm up too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Night Update

Thanks for all the comments. We thought maybe he might be lactose intolerant too, but the Pediasure says lactose free. I'll try the Vanilla next, maybe he'll do better with that one just like Janna. The big bib I was talking about was actually made my D's mother-in-law. She sells them along with all kinds of stuff. She's GREAT at it!! It doesn't actually cover his neck like you were talking about Susanna, but if I mention it to her, maybe she can make some like that. It's a great idea!

Yesterday morning when he woke up, he was acting a little strange and his diaper was barely wet. I thought maybe he was still a little dehydrated, although his lips weren't white like they were the night before. So I decided not to give him a bottle, but instead some more Pedialyte. He ate almost 2 jars of baby food and then drank about 5 oz of Pedialyte finally once he realized he wasn't getting a bottle. He did fine with it! He still wasn't quite himself all day though. He kept following me around the house and just wanted me to hold him. Once I would pick him up though, he would want to get down=) He's so funny! It's better than him throwing up though.

He did good all afternoon, so I gave him a bottle for his second feeding. He sucked it right down! And to my surprise, NO throw up!! YEA!! By this time I had to go to work, but Chris said he did good all night with no throw up. So, I still have no clue what caused it. It seems like he has one of those bad nights every other month or something. I guess we'll find out when we try the pediasure again if it was that or not. It'll be a while before we do that again though;)

Janna and Chloe, I hope your clinic visits go great today and you only get good news:)


It's kinda funny...the last post was about how well lil' Chris was doing and this post is the opposite. If you don't like to hear about throw up, you may not want to read this;)

Tuesday afternoon, I tried to give lil' Chris some Chocolate Pediasure. He didn't really seem to like it, and only drank about 2 oz. So, I gave him his usual 8 oz bottle afterward. He did fine for a little while, then threw up the chocolate. I thought that would be it, but boy was I wrong!! That was just the beginning!

A lil' bit later, when my husband was doing the vest with him, he threw up again getting all over both of them. Luckily we put these big bibs(thanks Nancy for making them for us, they are GREAT!) on him when he does his vest, so not a lot got on the vest.

After we got him all cleaned up, we put him down for bed thinking that he was done now. Boy was I wrong AGAIN! He threw up all over in his bed! Thank God my husband was there to help clean everything up while I tended to lil' Chris. Thanks Honey, you did a GREAT JOB:)

While I was changing him, he just kept throwing up! It was all over, so I gave him a bath. What a nightmare that was! He was screaming the whole time and kept wanting me to hold him. At this point, I knew this wasn't the end, b/c he usually LOVES his bath time. So, I finally got him all cleaned up and go to take him out of the bath and he does it AGAIN! Luckily this time I was able to catch most of it in his towel, so it didn't get on him.

So, I dressed him and what do you think he did? Yup! He threw up AGAIN! It was about every 5 minutes he was throwing up. By this time, he was so exhausted and couldn't even keep his eyes open and his body was just limp. We felt so bad for him. We tried to give him some Pedialyte to keep him hydrated, but he was so tired that he wouldn't take any.

Now he had gotten most everything out of his system, he was just throwing up bright yellow slime. It would sometimes even come out as a big bubble! I felt so bad and didn't know what to do, but rock him while he slept in between throwing up. I kept watching the time in between each throw up, and they finally started to get longer. First 8 min, then 10 min, then 14 min, then 20 min.

Finally, at around 11:30pm(this all started at around 9:00pm), I tried putting him in his crib. He kept throwing up every 20 min or so at first, but then eventually stayed asleep. Thank God! My poor baby.

We thought that would be the end and he would wake up fine, but boy were we wrong AGAIN! The next morning, he seemed fine, so we gave him his usually breakfast and then 8 oz bottle. He threw up just a little bit of the applesauce, but then just as he was finishing his bottle, he threw most of it all up. I looked at my husband and said "Here we go again!" Luckily, we were prepared and had put a towel over him and on the floor just in case he threw up. So, there wasn't too much to clean up.

We got him all cleaned up and dressed and put him down for a nap. By this time, our washer was overflowing with throw up clothes from the night before. Between our clothes and his. I lost count how many times we had to change his clothes the night before. We were even running out of clean clothes to put on him!

So, my husband did the wash while I took a shower. When I got out, my husband was cleaning up throw up AGAIN! Lil' Chris had thrown up all over his crib again. So at this point, we decided "NO MORE BOTTLES TODAY, ONLY PEDIALYTE!"

I had to go to work, but that's what my husband did. He just gave him Pedialyte and applesauce for his enzymes and if he was still hungry he gave him more applesauce. He only threw up a little bit of applesauce a couple of times and that was it. He was doing much better. By the time I got home, he was sound asleep and stayed asleep all night and is actually still sleeping as I type this=)

We are still unsure why this all happened. Maybe he is allergic to the chocolate Pediasure? or maybe it was just the mixture of both of them in his tummy at the same time? I know he is supposed to start switching over to this Pediasure instead of his bottles, but I almost don't want to even try it again. What do you think?

We were trying to decide whether to give him a bottle or not this morning. I think I may try it or at least for his second bottle if he seems himself.

I'll let you know how it goes,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey Everyone!
Lil' Chris is doing well. He is still getting over his cough. It is almost completely gone now. He only has a few more days of the Ceftin left...YEA!! Guess what he got on his birthday? ANOTHER TOOTH!! This one is on the top! That makes 3 now =) He is doing so well with everything. He amazes me everyday! He said MOM a few times the other day...FINALLY:) I even got him to say HI! He is just too cute! He repeats a lot of things that we do, like noises or kiss sounds. Here is a video of him sending you all kisses:) He had a little bit of yogurt under his lip. Once he realized it, he stopped kissing for a little bit. I never realized how big his tongue was until I watched this video=) So cute!!

PS. I still have to download all the birthday pics. We took A LOT!!

Pray for Tricia

Morning everyone! Just a quick post to ask for prayer for Tricia. For those of you who haven't checked in at their blog yet here is a link to Nate's post which explains everything.
Thanks! D.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I know...I'm such a slacker! It's Sunday night & I haven't blogged at all (despite my good intentions) since M asked me to keep things going over the weekend! It's been crazy around here the last few days (which isn't a good excuse) and I've dropped into bed each night absolutely beat! I'm trying to hang in there tonight while my husband transfers the data from my old laptop to my new one but I'm fading fast & I may have to abandon him to just finish it up himself. =)

I hope M, Big Chris & Lil Chris had a great birthday weekend with Big C's Mom & Dad. My husband, the kiddos & I can't wait to see M, Big C & Lil C weekend after next when we all travel together with M's & my Dad to see Dad's family up north. We all love our visits up there & wish we could make the trip more often. I can't wait for them all to see our two new boys, Lil Chris & my son R. Our Gram loves the kiddos & they love her so I'm excited for her to spend time with the boys & my girls on this trip.

On another note, we heard today that one of my husband's cousins lost their week old infant son this weekend. We don't know the details yet but my heart goes out to them & I'm praying that God will be with them & bring them comfort in the coming days & weeks. I'm also praying for their 6 year old daughter who I'm sure is having a hard time understanding all that is going on around her. If you would remember them in your prayers as well I would greatly appreciate it.

I hope we'll see some fun birthday pics from M this week! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of cake smeared over his lil face! =)

Hope you all had a great weekend! D.

Friday, June 6, 2008


For the first part of this story, click these...
1. The Beginning of it All
2. The Nagging Begins
3. The Nagging Continued
4. The Phone Call
5. Our Options
6. The News
7. The Best News Ever!
8. The Big Question
9. Sharing the Good News
10. It's Baby Time!!
11. The Birth Part 1

So I got the epidural, which is what I was always dreading...it's a BIG needle! But it wasn't bad at all. I've always been good with needles. He said I did a great job holding still while he was putting it in and I was having a contraction at the same time. It seemed to take the pain away pretty quick so I could relax for a little.

One hour later, at noon, they checked me again. This time I was 10 cm and ready to start pushing. "That epidural works fast!" is what I thought! So they made me rest for a while before pushing. At around 1 or 2pm, I started pushing and pushing and pushing!! Yeah, that lasted for about 3 hours or so and the epidural wore off after the first half hour of pushing. He came back and gave me more, but it still wore off pretty quick. I think he didn't give me a lot, b/c he saw how well I could take the pain. I wanted to feel nothing since I got it, but oh well.

At around 5pm, my doctor came in and had me keep pushing. It seemed as though progress was finally being made once she got there. Why they had me push for 3 hours before she got there, is beyond me. I don't think it did much. Oh well.

When she checked me, she said that she thought he might be upside down and that if the vacuum doesn't work, they would have to do a C section. I REALLY DIDN'T want a C section. So, we had to wait for the pediatrician to get there, then I would deliver. At the time I didn't really understand why she wanted to wait for the pediatrician, but I guess she was just being cautious b/c she knows what can happen to some babies born with CF. Luckily we didn't have any of those problems, other than sucking out meconium from his mouth.

So the pediatrician finally got there and it was time!! I thought to myself...I better push really hard b/c I do NOT want a C section! So I did, and after a few good pushes and with the help of the vacuum, our precious Lil' Chris was born at 5:44pm on June 6th 2007!! He weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 1/2 oz, and 19 inches long.

Today is his first birthday and he is 21 3/4 lbs, and over 29 3/4 inches long!! Yea!! What a GREAT first year!! He has brought soooooo much joy into our lives. We are so thankful to have him.

Lil' Chris!!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinic Visit 6/4/08

Our visit went great. Although we were there for 3 1/2 hours, we learned a lot.

I almost forgot to ask about the enzymes(Chris had to remind me:) They said that the enzymes work BEST the first 20 minutes, but they will work up to 1 hour.

The social worker said that she is going to send out a letter to all the cf families in our area to see if they would like to get together with me and Daniel's mom to chat and help start a Great Strides Walk here in our town.

Lil' Chris is 21 3/4 lbs, and over 29 3/4 inches long. He has to be 22 lbs for his big boy car seat, so he will probably be ready for it by next week...YEA!!

He is in the 39th percentile for his height, and his height to weight ratio was 59%!! The doctor was very impressed with that number. He was aiming to be at 50%, so to be at almost 60% was great he said.

The first person we saw was a genetic doctor whom we have never met before. She was very nice and we did a family tree of past or present health conditions that might run in the family. She is going to find out what cf genes that Chris and I tested carriers for. When I first got the results back a long time ago, they just said that I was a carrier of the most common type(which is what Lil' Chris has...2 Delta F508). I was telling her about how when he was a week old, he only tested positive for 1 cf gene(only a carrier of cf), but then they called us back a few days later saying that the lab had made a mistake and that he was positive for 2 cf genes(which means he has cf). So to my relief, she order another genetic test and a sweat test this time. He never did the sweat test before, so this ought to be interesting. The lab couldn't take us today, so we have to reschedule. The genetic test will confirm that he has the 2 Delta F508 genes or maybe that he has different ones. Hopefully he only has one DF508, b/c 2 .......well, I'll explain all that later, it's a long story.

The physical therapist said to do his vest on frequency 12 for 10 minutes, then frequency 14 for the next 10 minutes. She told us to picture our lungs like an upside down tree with lots of branches that break into even smaller branches. The slower speed of the vest will clear the big part of the lungs, the truck of the tree. The faster speed will clear the small parts of the lungs, the small branches. In order to breathe easier, it is best to have all airways clear, so this hits every part. Before, we were just doing one frequency (14) for the whole 20 minutes. So, I'm glad she told us this. She also thinks that his speech might be delayed or something, but I don't know about that! He's only one! She recommended that we let him play around other kids his age so he can grow more socially. We'll try it, but he better not get sick!LOL:) He is going to see a specialist too I think next time we go for a visit.

The dietitian and cf doctor wants us to start him on PediaSure now. They gave us some samples of Chocolate and Banana Cream. We'll try them soon and I'll let you know how it goes. This will replace his 27 calories bottles, b/c these are 30 calories. The more calories the better! She also said that she would like to see him on only solid food by 18 months. I told her we'll try:)

The cf doctor said that overall, he is very pleased with all his results from his first year. He said that we did a great job with everything, but I told him that it is b/c of HIM that Lil' Chris is doing so well. But he disagreed. He said that his part is the easy part, we actually have to go home and do it all. Well, I guess it is a little of both=)

Well, I better go clean house. We got visitors coming(My in-laws...aka Oma and Opa) tonight to stay for the weekend for Lil' Chris' first birthday on Friday. YEA!! I can't believe my baby is going to be one already:(

Because we will have visitors, I'll leave the posting up to D for a couple of days:) I'll try to get his first birthday picture up on Friday though. It is soooo cute!!
PS. YEA!! 2,000 hits!! Thanks for taking a pic and posting it D! I've been busy cleaning and shopping for Lil' Chris' birthday and haven't been able to check in too often lately. Boy do I have a lot to post about too! I just haven't had the time this week! Maybe next week. Thanks D=)

2000 Visitors!

Funny that it happened to be me, huh? :) In honor of this milestone, I thought it would be fun to see where people are visiting us from so I added a visitor map over on the right. It doesn't have any dots on it yet but as you visit they'll start to show up.

Thanks everyone for checking back with us & for being such an encouragement & help to M!! This blog has been all we had hoped for and more! Please continue to share your stories with us! We love to hear from you & we hope this blog can be a place for CF families to share, encourage & pray for one another!

Have a happy Wednesday! D.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Time Walking Around the Couch

Guess what Lil' Chris learned to do this weekend? Step side to side holding onto the couch, walking around it. He even learned how to go from couch to couch! He likes to go from one couch to the next, so he can play with his car seat.

In this video, he tries to go get his car seat, but the sun light distracts him a bit. He tries to touch it(so cute:) He almost slips and falls when he tries to go from couch to couch, but he catches himself. We have pillows there just in case though;) He finally gets to the car seat and what happens...He falls down:(

This video shows Lil' Chris walking with his walker that Aunt D let him borrow(thanks D ; ) He likes to crash into things(such a boy:)