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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Night Update

Thanks for all the comments. We thought maybe he might be lactose intolerant too, but the Pediasure says lactose free. I'll try the Vanilla next, maybe he'll do better with that one just like Janna. The big bib I was talking about was actually made my D's mother-in-law. She sells them along with all kinds of stuff. She's GREAT at it!! It doesn't actually cover his neck like you were talking about Susanna, but if I mention it to her, maybe she can make some like that. It's a great idea!

Yesterday morning when he woke up, he was acting a little strange and his diaper was barely wet. I thought maybe he was still a little dehydrated, although his lips weren't white like they were the night before. So I decided not to give him a bottle, but instead some more Pedialyte. He ate almost 2 jars of baby food and then drank about 5 oz of Pedialyte finally once he realized he wasn't getting a bottle. He did fine with it! He still wasn't quite himself all day though. He kept following me around the house and just wanted me to hold him. Once I would pick him up though, he would want to get down=) He's so funny! It's better than him throwing up though.

He did good all afternoon, so I gave him a bottle for his second feeding. He sucked it right down! And to my surprise, NO throw up!! YEA!! By this time I had to go to work, but Chris said he did good all night with no throw up. So, I still have no clue what caused it. It seems like he has one of those bad nights every other month or something. I guess we'll find out when we try the pediasure again if it was that or not. It'll be a while before we do that again though;)

Janna and Chloe, I hope your clinic visits go great today and you only get good news:)


Auntie Steph said...

So good to hear that Chris wasn't throwing up still! Poor baby! I smiled when you said he followed you around all the house and wanted you to hold him, but then once you picked him up he would want back down...Lincoln still will do that. He will bug & bug me to pick him up, then throw himself back and want to be put down, then as soon as I put him down, he wants back up. :) KIDS! :)
Love to you all!!!

Susanna said...

Just a quick note... (I've started a response to your email too, but keep getting interrupted:-( Did Lil' Chris have a 1 year well child check-up and get a Vericella shot (chicken-pox vaccine)? Reason I'm asking is that Chloe had that shot Mon. and the nurse told me that she might get sick in 10-14 days. Sat. morning (5 days after shot) Chloe woke up sick and has been sick ever since. I don't know if it's just a bad cold or if it's from the shot.... At any rate I have had very very little sleep the last 2 nights:( She's acting a little better right now, so we'll see) It just crossed my mind that them both being sick days after their 1st birthday might would have to do with 1 year vaccines....just a thought. who knows.

Also, the clinic visits on Friday went good. I'll try to give you a more detailed update later, but bottom line:) is that Janna reached that 25th percentile BMI for the first time in her entire life!!!!!! 28 lbs 13 ozs (Thank you Lord!) Chloe was up to the 41st percentile BMI! 20 lbs 12 ozs. Meaning Chloe has been in the "acceptable" catagory for 3 months now AND Janna reached "Acceptable" for the first time EVER! Hopefully in the next day or two we will get good reports for the throat cultures too.

Got to run for now. Will try to send my email soon. I've explained more about the CDs in the email. But it maybe this evening before I can get back to it.

Happy Father's Day Big Chris:)