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Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Bad Day:(

Hey Everyone,
Sorry it's been a while, but you know how 24/7 morning sickness goes:( Also, our laptop isn't working for some reason. Now I have to wait til Lil' Chris is sleeping to come downstairs to use our big computer. Oh well. It just stinks, b/c that means even less time I'll get to chat with you all:(

Well, Lil' Chris had another really bad day yesterday. We thought we would try some Vanilla Pediasure since he is supposed to switch to Pediasure, and the chocolate definitely didn't agree with him a couple of weeks ago. He drank about 4 oz. Went down for a nap. Then woke up puking all over! He then continued to puke every 5 minutes just like the last time. Poor thing was so exhausted, he kept falling asleep in between puking. His lil' body was just limp. This all started around 12:00 in the afternoon and he finally stopped puking around 4 or 5pm. We just gave him Pedialyte and water. He slept a lot, so I thought he was going to be up all night, but he actually slept all night too!

Today he seemed a little more himself, but threw up his first bottle a lil bit. So we are back to Pedialyte and water. We'll see how the night goes. We still are not quite sure as to why his body can't handle the Pediasure. It says Lactose Free, so it can't be that. I called the Dietitian and told her that he is not going to be able to switch to Pediasure since he can't keep it down. So, she is going to bring some different samples to my work this Sunday(what a great Dietitian:) so we can try them with Lil' Chris. Hopefully he can keep these down. I'll let you know how it goes.


Aunt D. said...

Hey girl! Hang in there! At least now you know it was definitely the PediaSure that caused him to be sick last time. Cross that one off the list & move on to the next one!! I wonder if Shaklee protein shakes would be a possibility? I don't know what PediaSure has in it b/c my kids have never used it so I could be way off base with the protein suggestion. Just thought I'd throw it out there though. I hope you're still hanging in there & not puking yourself! The nausea stinks but it's still better than throwing up all day! :) Give the lil guy a hug & kiss from me! I miss him already!

Oma & Opa said...

Poor little man, sure hope he is feeling better. We agree with D, at least you know why he was throwing up before. It would be nice,though,to know what is in the pediasure that is not agreeing with his system, that way you'll know for other foods/drinks. We hope & pray that one of the other samples works for Lil Chris.
How are you and Daddy C doing?
Praying for you guys.
Give our grandson a great big hug & kiss for us and tell him Oma & Opa love & miss him very much. Missin' you guys, too.
Sending lots of love, hugs & kisses

daniel's mom said...

Hi. I am so sorry Chris had such a bad night. I am with you get rid of the PediaSure. Yes the dietitian is great! Her Mom lives in town and she is down every weekend. Not every professional would take the time to drop stuff off even if they were in the area.
I ran in to C, the other CF Mom, at the library the other day. Her kids are adorable. It was funny though because she walked in, we recongized each other and quick looked to see where our kids were. It worked out fine because I was getting ready to leave to pick up my two oldest from tennis. I did share your news with her,and she was very happy for you. Good luck at work, and I hope Chris is feeling better.

Leslie said...

Hi! You recently commented on my blog, my daughter Ashley has CF also. I've been reading some of your blog too. It's great to have the support and networking with other CFer/CF Parents. That's too bad about Lil Chris' day. Did he have any problems with formula? Have you just recently switched him to milk type products? Ashley had a milk allergy that we discovered around her first birthday. Just curious what Lil Chris has drank. Feel free to email me any time, mattnles@hotmail.com. I am also always up for any questions. I'd love to be able to answer and help in any ways possible! We CF parents can help each other!