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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey Everyone!
Lil' Chris is doing well. He is still getting over his cough. It is almost completely gone now. He only has a few more days of the Ceftin left...YEA!! Guess what he got on his birthday? ANOTHER TOOTH!! This one is on the top! That makes 3 now =) He is doing so well with everything. He amazes me everyday! He said MOM a few times the other day...FINALLY:) I even got him to say HI! He is just too cute! He repeats a lot of things that we do, like noises or kiss sounds. Here is a video of him sending you all kisses:) He had a little bit of yogurt under his lip. Once he realized it, he stopped kissing for a little bit. I never realized how big his tongue was until I watched this video=) So cute!!

PS. I still have to download all the birthday pics. We took A LOT!!


Aunt D. said...

That is too cute M!! He's getting so big!

Oma & Opa said...

Too cute! He makes me laugh.
love, hugs & kisses