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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finally....I'm blogging!

Hark! What is that I hear? Ah yes! It is silence, dear silence...something I haven't heard very often in recent months. The kiddos are in bed, the hubby isn't home, & the laundry is caught up so it's officially me time now! Woo woo! Granted, I have two weeks to pack up this apartment & move several states away but what's the rush? I'll get it all done in time...I work better under pressure. =P

Anyway, sorry it's taken me so long to post....I know M tossed me the blog baton on Monday but it's been a crazy week! (Are you as tired of hearing me say that as I am?) Seriously though, we got back from our trip (which was awesome) late Sunday night & starting early afternoon on Monday commenced 3 days of dance dress rehersals & recitals for my girls. As much as I love watching their final performances for the year, it's a stressful few days for dear old Mom or Mommya as my oldest calls me - no idea where she came up with that one. Now it's all done, they both did a fantastic job & I can sit & catch up on my blogging...

We had such a great time visiting with Gram, family, M, Big Chris & Lil Chris last weekend!! Lil Chris has grown so much since the last time I saw him!!! He's chubby & he seems tall for his age to me. The only hint that he's a CF'er was watching M give him his enzymes before meals. I know they did his vest too but even though our rooms were side by side I never heard it. M & Big Chris are doing such an awesome job taking care of him! He's a happy, healthy little boy who happens to have CF. I give them so much credit for getting him out there & letting him experience things when I'm sure they'd love to just put him in a bubble & keep all of us coughing, sneezing, germy people away from him. =) I know that's what I would want to do but it wouldn't be fair. His cute lil personality needs to be shared with the world! He's such a good baby too & he just loved watching the big kids run around last weekend. I could tell he wanted to get down & run around with them! Next time we see him I'm sure he'll be able to do just that. I can't wait!

M surprised us with her announcement on Friday which honestly took the whole weekend to sink in to my feeble brain. On Saturday, we had climbed partway up our Gram's mountain, crossed a swollen brook & were on our way back down before it occured to me that perhaps M should have taken it a little easy. I don't know what I was thinking! She was a champ though (as usual). Made it all the way & didn't even bat an eyelash. Big Chris carried Lil Chris in one of those strap on carriers the whole way so I think he really had the rough end of that bargain. =) My hubby too...he carried our son on his shoulders most of the way which couldn't have been easy. We all loved every minute of it though! My oldest daughter hiked up with us & learned so much from my Uncle Joe on the way. The mountain, forest & fields on the property were Uncle Joe, Dad & their siblings playground when they were growing up & it was so cool to hear their stories as we were walking. My daughter can now pick out a white birch from a yellow birch, can see Moose tracks & tell you which direction he's walking in & knows how to make a cup from a leaf to drink from a mountain spring. How cool is that? Uncle Joe & Dad took her fishing too but I'll save that story for another day... Gram really loved seeing the boys & they loved seeing her even though my little guy didn't want to sit still long enough for anyone to get a good look at him. ha! I'm hoping to have some pictures for you soon. We have so many great ones that I think I'll just have to make a slideshow.

Gram,Uncle Joe, Aunt Diana, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Ken, Aunt Carolyn & family, it was so wonderful to visit with all of you! Thank you so much for taking the time out to spend the weekend with us. We had the best time & the girls are still talking about it! We love you guys & we miss you!

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