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Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's kinda funny...the last post was about how well lil' Chris was doing and this post is the opposite. If you don't like to hear about throw up, you may not want to read this;)

Tuesday afternoon, I tried to give lil' Chris some Chocolate Pediasure. He didn't really seem to like it, and only drank about 2 oz. So, I gave him his usual 8 oz bottle afterward. He did fine for a little while, then threw up the chocolate. I thought that would be it, but boy was I wrong!! That was just the beginning!

A lil' bit later, when my husband was doing the vest with him, he threw up again getting all over both of them. Luckily we put these big bibs(thanks Nancy for making them for us, they are GREAT!) on him when he does his vest, so not a lot got on the vest.

After we got him all cleaned up, we put him down for bed thinking that he was done now. Boy was I wrong AGAIN! He threw up all over in his bed! Thank God my husband was there to help clean everything up while I tended to lil' Chris. Thanks Honey, you did a GREAT JOB:)

While I was changing him, he just kept throwing up! It was all over, so I gave him a bath. What a nightmare that was! He was screaming the whole time and kept wanting me to hold him. At this point, I knew this wasn't the end, b/c he usually LOVES his bath time. So, I finally got him all cleaned up and go to take him out of the bath and he does it AGAIN! Luckily this time I was able to catch most of it in his towel, so it didn't get on him.

So, I dressed him and what do you think he did? Yup! He threw up AGAIN! It was about every 5 minutes he was throwing up. By this time, he was so exhausted and couldn't even keep his eyes open and his body was just limp. We felt so bad for him. We tried to give him some Pedialyte to keep him hydrated, but he was so tired that he wouldn't take any.

Now he had gotten most everything out of his system, he was just throwing up bright yellow slime. It would sometimes even come out as a big bubble! I felt so bad and didn't know what to do, but rock him while he slept in between throwing up. I kept watching the time in between each throw up, and they finally started to get longer. First 8 min, then 10 min, then 14 min, then 20 min.

Finally, at around 11:30pm(this all started at around 9:00pm), I tried putting him in his crib. He kept throwing up every 20 min or so at first, but then eventually stayed asleep. Thank God! My poor baby.

We thought that would be the end and he would wake up fine, but boy were we wrong AGAIN! The next morning, he seemed fine, so we gave him his usually breakfast and then 8 oz bottle. He threw up just a little bit of the applesauce, but then just as he was finishing his bottle, he threw most of it all up. I looked at my husband and said "Here we go again!" Luckily, we were prepared and had put a towel over him and on the floor just in case he threw up. So, there wasn't too much to clean up.

We got him all cleaned up and dressed and put him down for a nap. By this time, our washer was overflowing with throw up clothes from the night before. Between our clothes and his. I lost count how many times we had to change his clothes the night before. We were even running out of clean clothes to put on him!

So, my husband did the wash while I took a shower. When I got out, my husband was cleaning up throw up AGAIN! Lil' Chris had thrown up all over his crib again. So at this point, we decided "NO MORE BOTTLES TODAY, ONLY PEDIALYTE!"

I had to go to work, but that's what my husband did. He just gave him Pedialyte and applesauce for his enzymes and if he was still hungry he gave him more applesauce. He only threw up a little bit of applesauce a couple of times and that was it. He was doing much better. By the time I got home, he was sound asleep and stayed asleep all night and is actually still sleeping as I type this=)

We are still unsure why this all happened. Maybe he is allergic to the chocolate Pediasure? or maybe it was just the mixture of both of them in his tummy at the same time? I know he is supposed to start switching over to this Pediasure instead of his bottles, but I almost don't want to even try it again. What do you think?

We were trying to decide whether to give him a bottle or not this morning. I think I may try it or at least for his second bottle if he seems himself.

I'll let you know how it goes,


Oma & Opa said...

It sounds almost like he picked up a stomach virus. Poor baby! How is he this afternoon? I sure hope he is feeling better.
Give him kisses for us.

Susanna said...

Wow! That was a rough time. Poor guy. (And Poor Parents!) It probably is not the Pediasure (unless he has some kind of lactose intolerance or something), but wow, what a wicked bug of a stomach virus, if that's what it was. I just sure hope that he's on the mend now.

Janna only drinks the vanilla Pediasure (or vanilla w/ fiber), she doesn't seem to like the other flavors though I haven't tried them as milkshakes or anything like that yet.

I know the bright yellow slime can be really gross, but I've always thought of it as the mucus that Janna has coughed up out of her lungs and swallowed into her stomach. The more of that stuff out the better, I think.

You mentioned something about a bib that Lil' Chris wears with his vest...Are you talking about something that protects his neck from the vibrations of the vest? That would be awesome. I always thought that would be a good idea but never got anything made. Whenever her dress/shirt would have any kind of collar I would always pull it up around her neck. Now she's big enough that it fits a little better and doesn't bother her as much. But now if Chloe starts on a vest...

Hopefully you should be receiving Timothy's CD soon. I didn't send it out the day I thought I would, but it's been long enough now that hopefully you'll get it soon.

We are at my parents for a while now, so I haven't been online as frequently, but I still check in each time I am. It's so nice to hear how Lil Chris is doing soo good now.

Janna and Chloe have their CF appointments tomorrow (13th). We are hoping for good things too. I'll let you know how it goes.

Precious hugs are sent to the sick little man and get well wishes too:)

Aunt D. said...

Hey M! I left you a v-mail yesterday but I know you were working. Give me a call when you have a minute. I hope Lil C is feeling better now though!

Susanna, it's so good to hear from you! Is it getting close to baby time yet? To answer your question about Lil C's bib...my mother in law makes bibs for all of our kids. You'll see pics of Lil C's birthday one soon. They're made out of hand towels believe it or not & they're great because they really cover the kids clothes especially when they start eating on their own. I'm sure she could modify one to work with the vest if it would be helpful. The way it is now, it would be easy to tuck the back of the bib into the vest but the front would have to hang out to cover the vest. You'll see it in Lil Chris' b-day pics in a couple days. I'm praying that everything goes well tomorrow at Janna & Chloe's (I love their names!) appts tomorrow!!

Auntie Steph said...

I haven't had a chance until now to catch up on how my lil man is doing...and I'm so sorry to hear he was (YUCK) throwing up ALL night! I too don't think you have to worry too much about the pediasure being the cause. I have given it to both the boys, but they have only had the vanilla, and they LOVE it! I did try the walmart brand of pedisure, in chocolate, but neither one liked it, nor would they drink it.
Well, hugs and kisses to him! Hope he is better now!