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Monday, June 23, 2008

Visit and Some BIG NEWS!!

Hey Everyone,
We are back from vacation and back to blogging! I know, you are excited as I am ;)

This was Lil' Chris' first time meeting his Great Grandma! He loved her from the first minute he saw her. So cute!! It was also his first time meeting all my Aunts and Uncles! He loved each and every one of them. Lil' Chris was so good the whole trip. He even climbed a mountain with no problem! What a trooper he was. It wore him out so much, that he slept through his whole 20 minute Vest the next morning! That was the first time EVER!!
It was great seeing my sister, D, and her family too and my Dad. I wish we all lived closer:(

I would show you pictures from this weekend, but I haven't found my thingy to download the pics yet. Sorry:( Maybe D can post some pics for me. I think it's great that we both do this blog together. Especially since she may have to do most of the blogging for the next month or so until I start feeling better. "What do you mean, you ask?" Well....I kinda have some news for ya.......
Yup, I couldn't believe it either! I am 2 months along and sick as a dog:( But hopefully only for another month. It's still hard to believe that Lil' Chris is going to be a big brother! I get an ultrasound on the 18th of July, so I'll let you know how it goes. My due date as of right now is January 30th, 2009! The doctors have already asked if we want to get tests done to see if this baby will have CF too like Lil' Chris. We haven't really decided yet, but does it really matter? We are going to love and care for this baby no matter what he or she has or doesn't have! The Lord knows what he is doing, and we have faith in Him.
To any CF moms out there...did you get the test done to see if the baby you were carrying had CF?


Susanna said...

WOW!! CONGRATULATIONS!! That's so exciting. I know there can be mixed emotions (at times) but you are so right in accepting this incredible and beautiful gift from God made and designed especially for you, Big Chris and Lil Chris (and, may I add, for your awesome extended family that is so supportive). No matter what happens, (complications or health), you are absolutely right that the Lord knows what He is doing, and He is trust worthy.

Number 5 is due in only 5 weeks for us:-) We are expecting a little boy. We are planning a trip to the zoo tomorrow, I've had fleeting thoughts that this little guy may come a little early if I'm not careful:-) We plan to go early and take our time, then do some fishing in the evening...nice and relaxing fun day:)

Hope you're not sick too much longer. But I know those first few months can be so... let's just say "gross". Best Wishes!!

Love, Prayers and Congratulations!!
Susanna and family

PS We didn't have testing done with any of our 5. Early on we didn't because it wouldn't change anything for us (keeping the baby etc) and would increase the risk of miscarriage. If you have the testing done close to the due date it would only increase the risk of starting labor a little early. Some people like to know ahead of time, but even then the testing is not always 100% accurate. I don't think there is a right/wrong answer, it's whatever you and Big Chris decide.


daniel's mom said...

Well I will try this again. I posted a congratulations yesterday, and I must have hit the wrong button.

Best wishes for all three of you! As soon as you are done throwing up, I hope you have a nice, uneventful pregnancy.

When you are feeling better, let's have another CF moms get together and celebrate.
Daniel's Mom

Auntie Steph said...

Yay!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! Your gonna love having 2 little ones! I can't wait! :)
Love to you all,
hugs & kisses to my lil guy!