Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

5th Annual CF Walk Results

WOW, I have so many people to thank, I don't know where to begin...;)

First off, BIG THANK YOU to all who walked with us and helped get donations for A Cure 4 Lil' Chris and all who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis!!! So many of you have brought tears to my eyes with your dedication to raising the much needed money for a CURE and longer life for my son. So many of your friends and family have so generously donated even though they don't know us. I will be forever grateful to YOU and THEM!!! Every penny gets us closer and closer to a CURE!!

David and Debbie C. (raised over $1,000!! AWESOME JOB, the most EVER from a team walker!!:)
Kevin and Jessie W.
Deb and Mike W.
Stacy W.
Kristin K.
Ashleigh and Cody S.
Andrea and John S.
Lynnette and Jillian C.
Miller Family
Gail R.
Butler Family
Spencer H.
Josh W.
Cody S.
Robbie and Jamie
Rosie C. and family
Morgan, Ella, and family

BIG THANK YOU to those who have donated towards my team, A Cure 4 Lil' Chris!! I know most of you live very far away and can't make it to our walk, but I'm so grateful for your support and generous donations to help end Cystic Fibrosis!!
Barb N. (Thanks for my first ever reoccurring monthly donation!!:)
Steve, Danielle, Cara, Eva, and Rafe S.
Al and Nancy S.
Aunt Mar
Centeno Family
Aunt Donna and Uncle Jerry
David and Elizabeth Harcus
Paul and Kim S.(made my birthday with their donation:)
Rachel P.
Stacy W.
Carol S.
Holly S. (Thanks for doing your party to raise money for CF!!)
Tiffany L.

BIG THANK YOU to the business sponsors I got this year! We are soooo grateful that your business would help support our great cause!!
Kohl's ($5,000)
Sprint Preferred Wireless($500)
Anonymous Sponsor($250)
Verizon on Cleveland Rd($125)
Wayne Savings Bank($125)
The Borelli Agency
Alice Noble Ice Arena
Sign Design Wooster
Panera Bread
Jimmy John's
Woo's Brew
Speedway for ice
Everyone who made cookies
Pat Catan's
Wooster Fire Dept
Samaritan Care
The Cat's Meow
Dr. Dave

I gotta thank my AMAZING team at Kohl's for doing all my CF fundraisers throughout the year and for coming to our walk! I can't thank you guys enough for all the support and for helping us raise $5,000!!
New Philly Kohl's for driving all the way to Wooster to our walk:)
Rachel P
Jen M
Jen E
Stacie M
and I'm sure many more that helped out at one point or another with my fundraisers:)

I'd like to thank our AWESOME Wooster Christian School Team that walked with us too...
Mr. Claes
Mrs. Falkenberg and family
Mrs. Curtis and family
Jillian and family
Tripp and family
Alexis and family

BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Falkenberg(Ayla's teacher) and Mrs. Buehler(Lil' Chris' teacher) for collecting change for CF over the past few months in the classrooms!! And BIG THANK YOU to all the kids who brought their change in to help support a cure for Lil' Chris!! We are very thankful to you all!! Wooster Christian School is the BEST!!!!

Our whole walk was a HUGE success and so much fun!! We had about 200 walkers!! WOOHOO!!We had 8 different teams!!  All together, the teams brought in about $5,000 to the walk!! Together with what was raised online with all the teams, and what was brought in, and what will be coming in soon, it totals to about $28,409!!!! That's AWESOME!!! The most our walk has EVER done!! BIG THANK YOU to all the teams for raising so much!!

Our A Cure 4 Lil' Chris team brought in $10,195 so far!!! OUTSTANDING!!! THANK YOU ALL!!! We will still be collecting donations until Sept, so hopefully we can do some more fundraisers and hit $30,000!! THANK YOU EVERYONE SOOOOO MUCH!!! I'm sorry if I didn't get to talk to everyone at the walk...as you could see, it's kind of a crazy day for me making sure everything runs smoothly;) Our CF Northern Ohio Chapter, which is a total of 7 different walks, raised a total of $652,108!!! I smell a cure coming!!:)
 BIG THANKS to the Lord for the beautiful weather and no rain!! Thank You for answering our prayers, b/c it was supposed to rain that day.

We are having a big community garage sale this Sat from 8am-4pm and everything sold from our house will go towards a CURE for CF!! The other houses in our neighborhood are selling baked good for CF!! We just love our neighbors:) They have always been such big supporters of Lil' Chris!!

I started a new business called It Works! They are those crazy skinny wraps that everyone is talking about that work in just 45 minutes:) I tried them, and they ACTUALLY DO WORK!! So, I decided to spread the word about them to help out other people. I will be selling them at my garage sale too, and a percentage will go towards a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!! I originally started this company with intent to have all my commission go towards CF, but then my husband ended up losing his job 10 days later, so not all will go towards CF, but most of it will:) Come see me if you want to try one!! Message or email me for address lilcmom@gmail or you can order straight from my website www.wraps4cf.com. I've been doing pretty well, b/c the results sell the products, not me:) If you'd like to join my team and be debt free, let me know. It's only $99 to join and you get a box of wraps that you can sell for $100...so you earn your money right back!! Now is the time to join, b/c this company is skyrocketing, esp with Summer approaching:)

I'm sure I forgot about someone to thank, but please know that we GREATLY APPRECIATE EVERYONE and EVERY PENNY RAISED!!!!

We hope to see everyone again at our walk next year!!!
PS. Lil' Chris didn't have the best last CF clinic apt. He didn't gain any weight, CFers need to eat lots of calories to stay healthy. He has his annual CF clinic apt this coming Wed, so I will let you know how it goes. Pray for great results all around, b/c our Make A Wish trip is coming up soon!!! YEA!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What to Expect at our CF Walk

I'm soooo excited for our big Cystic Fibrosis Walk tomorrow!!! I've got everything all packed and ready to go!! Here is a pic of most of the prizes that we will be giving away to our walkers...
Lil' Chris wanted to get in the pic:) LOL

He had his first baseball game today!! He hit the ball 3 times!! Go Chris!!! Here he was all ready to go!! :)

So I thought I would go over what to expect at the walk tomorrow for those who have never attended before(CF parents, please share/tag this with your teammates)...

-Nate from the CF Foundation will be there in the beginning helping us get set up, then he will have to leave to go to another walk. Say Thank You to him if you get a chance:)
-Try to get there at 11am, because that's when most of our entertainment will be arriving. The kids can explore the Fire truck, the Ambulance, make a craft at the Pat Catan table, get a balloon animal made, meet Casper the Cat(if weather is good), and get their hair sprayed with some color:) The gold glitter one is for our CFers only, so we can tell them apart. CFers can't be near each other because of the risk of cross-contamination, so they will have to take turns at each station and sanitize thoroughly afterwards. We will need everyone's help keeping them separated.

-As soon as you get there, go to the registration table to check-in and to make your donation or to turn in any money that you have raised. Be sure to put each walkers name on their own raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize!!! They will give you a ticket to get your free CF Shirt if you raised over $100!! Then go to the shirt table to pick it up!
-Next, check-in with your team leader and go explore the entertainment and have fun!! Don't forget to grab a bagel or fruit and some coffee courtesy of Panera Bread and Woo's Brew's!!
-At 11:45 I suggest all the teams go to their team leader to take a team picture:)
-At 11:50 I will start the announcements. I will announce the sponsors and we may do a group picture if we can. Then the walk will begin at noon.
-At noon you walk 2 laps around and then head back to the pavilion for some pizza, chips, snacks, cookies, and water/soda/juice. Bathrooms will be open by the soccer fields.
-When your done eating, check the prize table to see if you won anything! :)
-Then you can check out the entertainment one last time before they leave. Be sure to thank them for donating their time to be with us!! :)
-I will not make any other announcements, so you will be free to go whenever you like:)

I still need some volunteers for the following, so let me know...
-someone to come early at like 10:30 to put the arrow signs up around the walking path
-be in charge of the food and drinks(keeping it full and handing out the pizza)
-do the color hair spray
-someone to make sure the entertainment gets food and drink(I always forget:)
-someone to take pictures


See me or your team leader if you have any questions. Thanks again for all the money you have raised!! See you tomorrow at 11am at Ida Sue School pavilion 266 Oldman Rd, Wooster!!!

If you can't make the walk but would like to still make a donation, click here to donate to your team!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Update on our Walk / Cat's Meow


Guess what??? Casper the Cat from The Cat's Meow will be at our walk this Sunday if the weather is good!! YEA!! The Cat's Meow is also selling a special CF product in their store this WHOLE YEAR where a percentage of each of it's sales will go towards a CURE for Cystic Fibrosis!!! Isn't that AWESOME!! Every CF home needs one of these! Click here to order one today... https://www.catsmeow.com/

The walk is this Sunday at 11am at the pavilion by Ida Sue School and it's not too late to register to walk or to donate!! Click here... http://fightcf.cff.org/site/TR/GreatStrides/104_Northern_Ohio_Cleveland?px=1442439&pg=personal&fr_id=2280 I am personally at $3,025 on a goal of $5,000!! We can do it!!! We will be taking donations for this years walk up until about September, then we start to switch over for next years walk:)

And other good news, Jimmy John's is donating a 15 piece tray of sandwiches for our walk!! YEA!! AND Woo's Brew's is donating coffee!! YEA!!:) If you would like to see what else we are going to have at our walk, click here for my last post or click "older post" at the bottom.

Thanks so much everyone who keeps spreading the word about our walk and for posting my Great Strides link!! We've had such GREAT teamwork this year!! Our team has raised over $5,000!!! WOOHOO!!! That's mostly all thanks to friends and family who keep reposting my link or my blog!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! :)

Hope to see you Sunday at 11, b/c all our entertainment will be there starting at 11!!