Our old CF Commercial that plays on MCTV. Still working on this years.

Monday, May 1, 2017

8th Annual CF Walk is this Sunday!!

Our 8th Annual Cystic Fibrosis Walk is THIS SUNDAY, May 7th at 266 Oldman Rd in Wooster!! Check in is at 11, and the walk begins at noon! It's free to go and there will be free food, snacks, drinks, balloon animals, fire truck, ambulance, police car possibly with K9's doing tricks, craft table, and more!! Let me know if you are coming!! It's fun for the whole family!! Please click this link to register to walk or donate/sponsor us to walk!!

BIG THANK YOU to those who have donated so far...Cara, Eva, Rafe, Danielle & Steven, Al & Nancy, Dad, Rachel, Marie & Sam, Dustin H, Mom, Stacy W, Martin & Jamie, & Dawn!! Thank you for helping Chris win the CF teddy bear and CF blanket too!! He LOVES them!! :)


I know I haven't posted in awhile, but like I always say...No news is good news!! :)

I haven't had time for much lately, because on 1/29/17, I got promoted to Store Manager of the Akron Kohl's!! :) I LOVE it and have a GREAT team!! Unfortunately, it doesn't leave me much time to blog, or do as much fundraising as I would like. Luckily my Mother-in-Law lives close and has been a tremendous help in getting things ready for our walk this Sunday!! Thanks Oma!! :)

As for an update on Chris, he has been doing well. He is up to 3 enzymes with every meal and snack now(he was at 2 with the new red pills). He also takes a chewable vitamin now instead of a gel one. He hates it, but we can't get the gel ones anymore:( He is still taking Prevacid daily and Claritin. His nose runs a lot during allergy season, so we are going to look into a different allergy medicine. I think he may have become immune to the Claritin because they keep him on it all year long and he has been taking it for a few years now.

He still does his Vest 30 minutes in the morning before school and 30 min at night before bed. Thankfully he has only had 1 bad cough this past year and only had to take an antibiotic once. I think it was right before Christmas. He still does well with his Pulmozyme neb every night. He even washes his neb cups now!! :)

The only area of concern right now, is that he has had to use his puffer(inhaler) more often recently because he gets these weird chest pains. We try to make it go away with manual CPT too. It usually seems to happen when he is at the soccer fields. So we have started giving him his puffer before we leave for practice or games now. He also has been getting a lot of stomachaches off and on. We mentioned it to the dr last time and she recommended he try new enzymes with his meals and snacks. They gave us one bottle to try, but it only has enough for one week. Not sure that's long enough to tell, but we are going to try it once school is out so the school doesn't get confused with which pills to give him. We are praying that this is the answer. Chris doesn't want to take them though, because he will have to take 5 of them instead of 3 with each meal and snack. I'll let you know how it goes.

He has his annual CF clinic appointment coming up in June where he gets his bloodwork done and is usually a 3-4 hour visit. Please pray all goes well and he gains weight and has a good PFT!!

Thanks again for all who donated and keep up with Chris' CF journey!! I'll try to post again in less than a year this time;p LOL