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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving Pumpkins / New BIG Boy Bed!!!

Last night was soooooo much fun!!! We had a couple of friends over and we had fun carving pumpkins!! YEA!! BTW, Chris won with his spider web;) It was pretty cool looking and it didn't even take him as long as I thought it would! Thanks Andrea and John for bringing your carving kit over and helping us carve the pumpkins:)

After that, John helped Chris put together Lil' Chris' new BIG boy bed!!! I can't believe he's actually big enough for a big boy bed!! He was starting to out grow his toddler bed. Lil' Chris was sooooo excited(pee pants excited;), he even tried helping put it together;-) Once it was all done, we weren't sure if he was going to be able to get up there all by himself or not, but before we could all make it up the stairs to see if he could climb up or not....he was already jumping up and down on it!!! It was great seeing his face light up!! I love watching him reach these kinds of milestones!

We told him that he can't wet the bed in his big boy bed, so we'll see if this helps with his night time potty training. He still wears pull-ups to bed and nap time. Hopefully this does the trick;) We are also hoping that he won't get out of bed so much anymore. Sometimes when we would put him down for nap or bed, he would get up and sneak downstairs and peak around the corner or he would just stand outside his bedroom door waiting to get yelled at. He's too funny, but it was only funny the first few times...if you know what I mean;-) Now with his new bed, maybe he won't want to get out of it since he likes it so much!! I know...wishful thinking:) So far, so good though! He didn't get out at all and went right to sleep, then again...he did have a very busy day and it was pretty late by the time he got into bed:) Only time will tell, I guess!

Although he is having a great night sleeping away in his nice big bed...Mommy lies awake worried that he may fall off or pee through. I was supposed to pick up a water proof mattress cover beforehand and I forgot. So I got up at 2:30 to put him on the potty and, well....here it is 5am and I am still awake! Oh well, who needs sleep anyways;) At least I can get this post done with no interruptions;) LOL!

Thanks again John and Andrea for all of your help carving pumpkins, putting the bed together, and for always watching the kids and being so good with them!!! You guys ROCK!! I don't know what we would do without you guys!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Pics 2010

Here are the Halloween pics we got taken the other day. So glad Kiddie Candids opened back up! I didn't like Picture People, and I just HAVE to get there pics taken every now and then. Pictures are really important to me when it comes to Lil' Chris, b/c you just never know when this disease is going to flare up.

Lil' Chris is 3 and Ayla is 21 months. Boy time flies!! They are getting soooo big!! You would never know by looking at these pics that Ayla was screaming and crying a minute before;) LOL! She doesn't like her picture being taken....I wonder where she gets that from;-) LOL!!!

Lil' Chris can't wait to go trick or treating!! He keeps saying "Halloween's coming soon!" :) Since we didn't get anything on our door this year as to when our development was doing trick or treat, another neighbor and I picked a date and time and printed the flyers and then went and passed them around to all the houses in our development! :) Thanks Andrea and Jon for all of your help!!! Our trick or treat is going to be on Halloween night, Sunday 31st from 6pm to 8pm. We can't wait!! Lil' Chris is probably going to go around to all the houses on his motorcycle since his costume is a biker;-) The apartments next to us are doing their trick or treat on Sat from 6-8, so Lil' Chris may be Spiderman for that one;-)

Last night we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins to carve tonight. That was the first time we walked all through the patch to find the perfect pumpkins for each of us. It was so much fun, even though they were all picked over since it's only 1 week before Halloween!! I never realized how different looking pumpkins could be! We saw one that was in the shape of a big apple!! :) Lil' Chris' favorite part was the wagon:) At night time, he said in his prayers, "Thank you for the pumpkins, and thank you for the red wagon!" Too cute!! Here are some pics from our perfect pumpkin hunting....



Thursday, October 21, 2010

CF Update / Vest Question / Halloween Pic

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated this blog. Life has been crazy at work... we had inventory, and we've been hiring like crazy!! When I'm at home, I just want to relax and enjoy the kids:) Also, since watching 7 year old Conner and other young CFers pass away recently...it puts things into perspective that I need to spend as much time with Lil' Chris as I can and savor every moment, not spend it on the computer(no offense;) Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to update, just not as often.

Since I have updated last, I have had to order ANOTHER set of hoses for the Vest!!! Good thing they make it easy and they come the next day, otherwise it would be a HUGE pain! Does anyone else have this problem with the new color washable Vests??? Also, the velcro on the shoulder straps don't stick very well. I know of only one other CF mom who has had the same problem....does anyone else have that problem??? Just curious, b/c the last time I had to order hoses, I asked them if they get a lot of complaints about these 2 things on these new Vests, and they said no.

Last Thursday, Lil' Chris and Ayla got their flu shot. It has the H1N1 in it as well this year instead of them having to get 2 shots, so that was nice. Lil' Chris was complaining about his leg hurting after the shot and would barely walk on it. Once I took the bandaide off he was fine;) LOL! Also, we all 4 got our hair cut too! Yup...that's right...I said ALL 4, including Ayla!! It was her very first hair cut!! Well, to be honest it was more like a bang trim, but it's still cutting some hairs!! ;-) LOL! I didn't want to cut the sides or back, b/c she is a girl and I want it to grow out. Her bangs were getting into her eyes, so those really needed cut! She did a great job! She wouldn't sit by herself, but neither would Lil' Chris his first time;) The girl gave her a lollipop and she was good to go!! :)

No other news to report, which is GREAT!! No one is sick and Lil' Chris' cough went away with that last round of Augmentin, thank God!! Please pray we have a healthy Fall and Winter! If I forgot to mention...his throat culture came back the same as last time, nothing to worry about for now, PTL!!

Lil' Chris can't wait until Halloween!! He keeps talking about it:) We got their pics done the other day, so here is one of them...
Hope you all are doing well!!