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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Pics 2010

Here are the Halloween pics we got taken the other day. So glad Kiddie Candids opened back up! I didn't like Picture People, and I just HAVE to get there pics taken every now and then. Pictures are really important to me when it comes to Lil' Chris, b/c you just never know when this disease is going to flare up.

Lil' Chris is 3 and Ayla is 21 months. Boy time flies!! They are getting soooo big!! You would never know by looking at these pics that Ayla was screaming and crying a minute before;) LOL! She doesn't like her picture being taken....I wonder where she gets that from;-) LOL!!!

Lil' Chris can't wait to go trick or treating!! He keeps saying "Halloween's coming soon!" :) Since we didn't get anything on our door this year as to when our development was doing trick or treat, another neighbor and I picked a date and time and printed the flyers and then went and passed them around to all the houses in our development! :) Thanks Andrea and Jon for all of your help!!! Our trick or treat is going to be on Halloween night, Sunday 31st from 6pm to 8pm. We can't wait!! Lil' Chris is probably going to go around to all the houses on his motorcycle since his costume is a biker;-) The apartments next to us are doing their trick or treat on Sat from 6-8, so Lil' Chris may be Spiderman for that one;-)

Last night we went to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins to carve tonight. That was the first time we walked all through the patch to find the perfect pumpkins for each of us. It was so much fun, even though they were all picked over since it's only 1 week before Halloween!! I never realized how different looking pumpkins could be! We saw one that was in the shape of a big apple!! :) Lil' Chris' favorite part was the wagon:) At night time, he said in his prayers, "Thank you for the pumpkins, and thank you for the red wagon!" Too cute!! Here are some pics from our perfect pumpkin hunting....



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LOVE all the pics, email them to me please.
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