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Thursday, October 21, 2010

CF Update / Vest Question / Halloween Pic

Sorry it's been so long since I have updated this blog. Life has been crazy at work... we had inventory, and we've been hiring like crazy!! When I'm at home, I just want to relax and enjoy the kids:) Also, since watching 7 year old Conner and other young CFers pass away recently...it puts things into perspective that I need to spend as much time with Lil' Chris as I can and savor every moment, not spend it on the computer(no offense;) Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to update, just not as often.

Since I have updated last, I have had to order ANOTHER set of hoses for the Vest!!! Good thing they make it easy and they come the next day, otherwise it would be a HUGE pain! Does anyone else have this problem with the new color washable Vests??? Also, the velcro on the shoulder straps don't stick very well. I know of only one other CF mom who has had the same problem....does anyone else have that problem??? Just curious, b/c the last time I had to order hoses, I asked them if they get a lot of complaints about these 2 things on these new Vests, and they said no.

Last Thursday, Lil' Chris and Ayla got their flu shot. It has the H1N1 in it as well this year instead of them having to get 2 shots, so that was nice. Lil' Chris was complaining about his leg hurting after the shot and would barely walk on it. Once I took the bandaide off he was fine;) LOL! Also, we all 4 got our hair cut too! Yup...that's right...I said ALL 4, including Ayla!! It was her very first hair cut!! Well, to be honest it was more like a bang trim, but it's still cutting some hairs!! ;-) LOL! I didn't want to cut the sides or back, b/c she is a girl and I want it to grow out. Her bangs were getting into her eyes, so those really needed cut! She did a great job! She wouldn't sit by herself, but neither would Lil' Chris his first time;) The girl gave her a lollipop and she was good to go!! :)

No other news to report, which is GREAT!! No one is sick and Lil' Chris' cough went away with that last round of Augmentin, thank God!! Please pray we have a healthy Fall and Winter! If I forgot to mention...his throat culture came back the same as last time, nothing to worry about for now, PTL!!

Lil' Chris can't wait until Halloween!! He keeps talking about it:) We got their pics done the other day, so here is one of them...
Hope you all are doing well!!

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Gemma said...

So glad to see your blog post, missed your updates!

Completely understand why you have backed off abit but for selfish reasons I hope you don't totally disappear :)

Love love love your new header picture, they are both growing up so fast!!

Take care and glad things are good although a little hectic!