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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sharing the Good News

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2. The Nagging Begins
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4. The Phone Call
5. Our Options
6. The News
7. The Best News Ever!
8. The Big Question

We wanted to tell the whole world the good news, but that's not how Chris and I do things. We like to wait for special occasions to share big news. So around my dad's birthday, we called him and my sister D up and told them the good news. They were very excited, as were we. I thought it would be a nice birthday present for my dad. Which it was.
Then Chris and I decided to wait until Thanksgiving to tell his family since they were coming out to visit us. Plus, it is always better to tell good news in person if you can, and it was only a month away. The longest month EVER! But the day finally came and I still had to wait. We decided we would wait until Thanksgiving dinner to tell them. So, like Steph said in her comment, I asked their son what he was thankful for and then proceeded around the rest of the table. Then it came to us, and we kinda froze. We had been waiting so long to tell them and now it's here and .... we didn't know how to come out and say it. You would think it would be easy, right?
So, we went back and forth looking at each other saying we were thankful for family and the list went on and on .... and then we said that we were thankful that the Lord provided us with this nice house to raise a family in. And of course by this time, I'm sure they all knew what we were about to say. Then Chris said that he was thankful that the Lord blessed us with a new addition to the family. At first, it was almost like they didn't hear what he said, or they were in shock. Then Steph's husband said "Uh hello? They're pregnant!" Then Steph blurted out "Your pregnant?" We were grinning from ear to ear of course waiting in anticipation for their reactions. It took his dad a little to catch on, b/c come on, what guy would be listening to all the thank yous, when he has a big turkey sitting in front of him : )
So, of course they all congratulated us and gave us hugs and kisses. Next thing I knew, before we even finished eating, Chris' mom got her cell phone and said "Here you gotta tell Mom mom(Chris' grandmother) the good news." She was on speaker phone so it was kinda hard for her to hear us. We tried to tell her, then she started talking about all the pies she made for Thanksgiving. We were all cracking up. I felt so bad. She was probably wondering why we were all laughing. I think we tried to tell her again and she still didn't hear. But eventually we got through to her. She was very excited to be a Great Grandma again.
Later that day, we called everyone else and told them the good news. Needless to say, it was a very exciting day. One I'll never forget.


Auntie Steph said...

Just to catch up on the other blogs...I'm glad Lil Man is feelin a bit better! It's good to hear that you found a walk to attend. I can't wait till our walk! Now to this blog...I have to say that this was the BEST Thanksgiving ever!
Love, Hugs, & Kisses to you guys!

Susanna said...

That is sooo neat. I always like the special occasion thing too. I got a thrill just reading it:-)