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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Am I an awful cf mom? Lil' Chris went to bed at around 6:30pm tonight. He usually just takes about an hour nap, wakes up, eats, plays a little, and goes back to sleep for the night usually around 8:30pm or 9:00pm. Except, tonight he didn't wake up! He just kept sleeping! He did have a very exciting day. He started crawling (by crawling, I mean rolling) all over the living room floor while I was Instant Messaging D. He found Daddy's PlayStation and started playing with the remote! It was sooooo cute!! I had to take a picture. I'd share it with you, but I can't seem to find the thing to connect the memory card to the laptop. Sorry : ( When I find it, I'll share the pictures with you, I promise!
Anyway, I didn't get to do his CPT! That's what we call the pounding on his chest, back, and sides (chest physio therapy, I think :). I usually do it after his 6:30pm nap, but he never woke up! Should I have woken him up? Or do I let him sleep? Is missing his CPT one time going to really hurt him? I don't know. I hate to wake him. Maybe I'll just do it 3 times tomorrow instead of 2 times. Would that even make up for it? Who knows. This is the kind of things a new cf mom deals with I guess. I'm glad that I have this blog now and can ask those who have gone through this kind of thing before. Please let me know what you would do or did.
Thanks in advance,

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Aunt D. said...

Hey Girl! I know we talked about this last night in IM but just wanted to say again - don't worry about it!! You guys are doing a great job with Lil Chris & his good health shows it! Give him a big hug & kiss from me! D.