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Friday, April 18, 2008


I had a GREAT DAY today! I posted all kinds of stuff in the break room at work and got 3 donations right away! Also, I got about 15 people walking now! I had to make room on the paper for more names! Isn't God GREAT!!

And then when I got home, I got a check in the mail for another donation from Chris' mom (Oma is what the grand kids call her). Thanks Oma!
I still have to make some more flyers up to put around town. Hopefully we make our goal, I was a little worried there for a little bit ; ) I think we can make it now!

Here is what I posted at work...
1. A Flyer
-explanation of CF
-info on how they can donate
-cash, check(made out to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation), and Credit Card on line
-info on the walk
-when, where, prizes they could win (they give away 20 or more prizes to those who are registered before the walk.)
2.Fundraising Tips.....
Raise $300 in one week!
Day 1 Make your own $25 contribution
Day 2 Ask 5 neighbors for $10 each
Day 3 Ask 5 co-workers for $5 each
Day 4 Ask 3 family members for $25 each
Day 5 Ask 2 businesses for $25 each
Day 6 Ask 5 friends for $10 each
Day 7 Ask your boss to contribute $25

Raise $150 in 5 days!
Day 1 Make your own $30 contribution
Day 2 Ask a neighbor for $30
Day 3 Ask a co-worker for $30
Day 4 Ask a family member for $30
Day 5 Ask a friend for $30

Raise $150 in 3 days!
Day 1 Make your own $50 contribution
Day 2 Ask 5 neighbors for $10 each
Day 3 Ask 5 family members for $10 each
3. Pictures of Lil' Chris (new blog header pics: ) with lil sayings next to them...
With your help,
I can live as
long as

With your help,
I can grow
to be strong
like you!

With your help,
I can live
a better

With your help,
I can

4. Info on the JEANS for GENES Days
-we decided to change the original day I had set, b/c not as many people would be there.
-the days are now Wednesday April 23rd and Monday April 28th.

5. Oh yeah, and I put up a copy of Lil' Chris' Great Strides Home Page so they can see what it looks like if they want to donate on line.
6. Lastly, I put up the Thank You things that I got in my Great Strides packet when I registered.
-They are kinda like the things you see at McDonald's. When you donate a dollar or something, they put your name on it and post it all over the walls.
-That's what I started today to thank those who donated and will continue to fill up the wall with more donations, hopefully; )
-There is 2 different kinds, one has a shoe (for walking) and the other has roses on it and says 65 Roses (not too many people know what that means yet, but I keep mentioning it)
-So far, there are thank yous up on the wall for...
Rebecca G.
Karen T.
Thank you all so much for your donations. It means the world to us!
Maybe I'll take a picture of the board and show you soon. And I'll try to get a copy of the Thank You things too. They are pretty cool. Please feel free to use any of my ideas. If you have any for me, I would love to hear them!

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How's our lil man feeling?
Love, hugs & kisses
Oma (aka mom)