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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cough Update

Lil' Chris' cough seems to be getting worse. He woke up a couple of times during the night on Friday, and a bunch of times last night (too many to count). I can definitely relate to what Susanna said in her comment. It is hard to tell if this cough is CF related or not. It is mostly a dry cough. In the past, it was more of a wet cough. This dry cough is throwing me for a loop. Sometimes it seems like he gets this pressure in his chest that makes him cough. And yesterday it made him throw up another bottle. This time it went all over him, me, and the COUCH! Not fun! It seems like every time we feed him, he starts coughing afterwards. So, we learned our lesson. We now grab a towel immediately and hold it under him just in case ; )
We'll see how he does tonight. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of last night. If so, I'm calling the doctor first thing in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.



neilcharm said...

Oi! where are you guys? How is LilChris doing? Is his cough better or have you gone to the Doctor? We want answers you know....cant keep us waiting forever and ever.....Please, pretty please. Bless you guys and Angel kisses for LilChris

Aunt D. said...

I know!! I'm waiting to hear too! I haven't seen M on IM all day today so she may be working. If something was up with Lil C she would have called me & I'd let you guys know. If I hear anything I'll blog about it right away! Thanks again for checking in with us. M is always so encouraged when she hears from our blog family!!!