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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The BIG Question

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1. The Beginning of it All
2. The Nagging Begins
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4. The Phone Call
5. Our Options
6. The News
7. The Best News Ever!

D mentioned in her comment that she wanted me to elaborate a little more on my story of when we found out we were pregnant. So here it goes......
My first reaction to seeing the + sign was "NO WAY!!" I think I took like 5 double takes and still said "NO WAY!! It can't be true." We weren't even really trying that month, because I was worried about getting pregnant right before vacation to Disney. I wanted to make sure I could go on all the rides. So I thought, this can't be true. That means that I was pregnant in Disney when I went on like every ride! Of course, I was worried, so I asked D if she thought that it was ok. I think I asked the Doctor when I went on October 18th 2006 to confirm the pregnancy too. The Doctor said I was 6 weeks pregnant. We couldn't believe it still, even though we kinda knew already. She said everything looked fine. I told her that right before our visit was the first time I had thrown up. And in Burger King of all places! So gross!! That was the start of many more mornings and days like that one for the rest of the 9 months. Yuk!
Oh yeah, and some signs that I had that I was pregnant was sore nipples, of course, and my feet would be burning hot in the shower even when the water wasn't that hot. Weird. This stuff only happened less than one week before I took that test, so I didn't think anything of it until I saw the +. Then things started clicking in my head. "Oh, so that's why! Duh!"
So, anyway, at the doctors visit, we were very happy that my blood pressure was normal. When I went to confirm my first pregnancy, my blood pressure was very, very high. They all thought that I was anxious or nervous because it was my first pregnancy. Maybe that was a sign right there that something was wrong with that pregnancy. I had miscarried before my next appointment. So, when my blood pressure was fine this time, we were very excited. We knew the Lord had great plans for the future. Which brings me to the big question the doctor had for us, since she knew that we were both carriers of CF.

"Do you want to terminate the pregnancy?"

Chris and I both looked at each other, not for reassurance or anything, but because we couldn't believe she had asked that question! Of course we said "NO". This pregnancy was the Lord's doing. He obviously wanted us to have this baby. One more month, and we would have ended up adopting or something. But instead, the Lord's plan came into action. And we were ready and willing to take it on, no matter what.
She then asked if we wanted to go for counseling in case the baby was born with CF. We said no. We were going to trust in God that everything would be ok. Looking back now, maybe we should have went. But we really didn't think it would happen to us. Of course, then D started nagging us to go, but you know how well I listen ;) LOL
All the while, we just kept praying that he wouldn't have CF. And if he did, we would take it step by step. And we did.

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