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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Phone Call

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1. The Beginning of it All

2. The Nagging Begins

3. The Nagging Continued

So we knew that my 2 sisters, my husbands sister, and I am all CF carriers. What we didn't know was if my husband is a carrier. Since my sister is so good at being a big sister, she insisted my husband get tested right away since we were trying to get pregnant. So, on Tuesday, September 19th 2006,he got his blood work done. That Friday the 22nd, we left to go on vacation with D and her family. We had a blast! Having fun with my nieces kept our mind off the tests we were waiting for. Honestly, we really didn't know what the outcome was going to be. All we could do was pray that he wasn't a carrier, because we desperately wanted to have our own children. On Thursday the 28th, we left to go visit my husbands sister in the hospital, because she had just had her second baby. Yea!! The very next day, on September 29th 2006, while sitting at my sister-in-law's bedside in her hospital room, my cell phone rang.....

Our Options

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Lauren said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! I'm glad I can give you a sense of hope for your son's future. Don't ever tell yourself that he's going to miss out on life, because he isn't. CF treatments have changed DRAMATICALLY in the 28 years that I've been around.

Keep blogging and thanks again!

All the best,