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Monday, March 31, 2008

Organ Donation

Well, if you haven't already read Tricia and Nate's blog yet, the lungs were "no good" (as he puts it). Thank you all who were praying that she would get her new lungs. I know she will soon, I just have a feeling. Unfortunately it didn't happen this time, but there is always next time. Please continue to pray for Tricia and the grieving family. Hopefully they were still able to save someones else's life with their other organs.
Are you an organ donor? I know I wasn't until I started reading Nate's blog. He encouraged me to take that very important step. I know that someday my son will most likely need new lungs just like Tricia. I encourage everyone to be a donor. You could not only save 1 life, but you could save 7 lives!! Isn't that a great way to be remembered? I hold comfort in knowing that someday I may save a life or two. Thank you Nate for opening my eyes =)
Nate made it so easy for me to find out how to become a donor in my state. He had a link that took you to it. It also had a postcard thing that you could send out to whomever you want, so they know that your wish is to be an organ donor. The postcard can also encourage others to become donors as well. I'll try to find that link for you if you are not already an organ donor. Please, please, please help save a life!!!

Ok, I found it. Yea!! Click Here to find out more about how to become an organ donor in your state and how to ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death. If you decide to be a donor or already are, Click Here to to send a family/friend notification card. For those who know my email address, please let me know (or send me a notification card) if you made the decision to become a donor. For those who don't know my email address, please leave me a comment letting me know. I'd love to know that I helped you make this very important decision.

Thanks in advance,

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