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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Nagging Continued

Please read first - The Nagging begins...

At this time, I still didn't know what CF was. All I knew, was that it was a genetic thing and it was a bad disease. What disease isn't a bad disease? So, I started to listen to D a little bit more. She knew a lot about it, because she had researched it when she thought her son might have CF. She told me that if my husband and I ARE both CF carriers, then there is a 1 in 4 chance that our children might have CF. I still wasn't really listening to what CF was, maybe it was denial, or maybe I just didn't think it would ever happen to us. But something made me call and make an appointment to get some blood work done to find out. Maybe it was all the successful nagging :) Or maybe, she got me curious to find out, since we were trying to get pregnant again. I thought, maybe this will get her off my case, because it can't be true that we are both carriers! What are the odds in that happening?
So, I went to the doctors on September 1st 2006. Yes, I keep track of everything! I'm a lot like my dad, thank God (just kidding, mom). I actually think that's why I'm such a strong CF mommy today (thanks dad!) Okay, back to the story.... Then, on September 13th, the phone rang. It was the phone call I had heard so much about and didn't want to get. They said that I was a carrier of the most common type of CF. Of course, my heart sank. "What if D is right? What if we ARE both carriers?"

The Phone Call

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