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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


You know, it's funny, even though I contributed to the beginning of this story I find that I'm as hooked on the new M & Big Chris updates as everyone else reading this blog! The interesting thing I think both M & I are finding is that it's much easier to share the little details about how we felt/reacted during those days in writing than it would be for us to share them in person. I'm finding out along with you the "inside story" about what my sister & her husband went through & my respect for them grows with each post. I have a much bigger mouth than M does by a mile but still none of us girls have ever been big on talking about how we feel. It gives me the shivers just to see the line "talking about how we feel" typed out! I know though that I've been a lot more open in the telling of this story as I've typed it & it's been cathartic. I saw M said in one of her comments that it's been a bit like therapy for her too. So thank you for allowing us to share with you & in so doing work out some things in our own minds.

I don't remember when it was that M called me to tell me about Big Chris' results but I do remember several conversations we had over the next few days about what they should do next. My heart was breaking for them but I wanted to be a sounding board for M to talk about what their possible options were & I tried to be as honest as I could. As M stated in her post, some of the things they had to consider were adoption, sperm donors, egg donors or in vitro. M may not have clarified this last option for you because in her mind in vitro was never really an option but I want to clarify it so there is no confusion about where both of us stand on this issue. Once M understood what the in vitro process involved - fertilizing eggs & then having them destroyed for being less than perfect - she vehemently opposed that as an option. Life is a precious gift from God at all stages. I know that's not a popular stand to take in this day & age but take it we will! It never ceases to amaze me that to honor life is ridiculed in our society today. Where have we gone America & how can we get back?

Thanks for listening tonight...please pray for M & Big Chris this week that all who are with them are healthy & that they have some great family time together! D.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt D, yep its me again, the jabber, so glad you can carry on the story from your side......it is hard when you first get told, me, we only found out when my daughter was 2yrs old, so that was shock enough. I played the blame game with myself not really understanding the whole CF concept, until Hello the penny dropped and then accepted what was to be and reasoned that the Lord had given me a purpose in life and that was to look after my CF child. There is a song which I favour very much, from a local artist, its called LIFE'S GIFT and the main line says :Life's gift to me, is just to be!: work around that and you're A-OK!

Its really great that you're there for the family - it reaalllyyyyy helps, God Bless you for that. Have a gorgeous, wonderful day and give all a great big family hug. (it helps bring smiles on)..

Aunt D. said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement!! We really love to hear from you! Not to give away the details of future story posts but I think you'll hear M say some of the exact same things you said in your comment about finding your purpose in life. M & Big Chris live far away but I am definitely sending out some cyber hugs to them today! D.