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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Nagging begins....

So, D's husband was not a carrier. Since both parents have to be a carrier in order for the child to have CF, they were in the clear. Yea!!

After the big scare, D called me and told me that she was a CF carrier and that I should get tested. My reaction..."Oh yeah?". (Not really listening). Then she called again saying that she found out that my other sister was a carrier too and, of course, that I SHOULD GET TESTED (starting to sound like a broken record). My reaction again..."Yeah, maybe"(with no intention whatsoever). You see, I knew if I came out and said NO, she would just push more because she was just trying to look out for us. Not worth it, so my reaction was always the same. So every time she called to nag, I really wasn't listening at all. I would kinda just block her out. Sorry D ;)
Then, one day when she called me again to nag, for some reason, I was listening to when she said Cystic Fibrosis. I thought, "Hey that sounds familiar". I told her that I thought that was the same thing that my sister-in-law was tested for with her first child. So, of course she got even MORE worried! Then I said to myself, "Oh man, why did I say anything. Now she is going to bug me even more!" She INSISTED I find out for sure. So I asked the next time I talked to my sister-in-law or my mother-in-law (can't remember which one now). They said it was the same thing and that my sister-in-law IS a CF carrier. By this time, I started remembering the scare that her and her husband had, then started thinking of the scares both my sisters had. And then, the words my sister said when I told her that my sister-in-law was a carrier too, started sticking in my head...."If his sister and your 2 sisters are all CF carriers, then most likely you both are carriers as well."

The Nagging Continued

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