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Saturday, April 5, 2008


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1. The Beginning of it All
2. The Nagging Begins
3. The Nagging Continued
4. The Phone Call
5. Our Options
6. The News

Well, we were both sad about the news that we were both CF carriers, and that we had to stop trying to get pregnant after trying for over a year. I kept thinking, "What if I didn't have that miscarriage in March. Would that baby have had CF? Or would they have been fine?" Only the Lord knows. And I knew the Lord had a plan for us. I just didn't know what it would be until ...

On October 7th 2006, one week after finding out my husband was a CF carrier too ........"WE'RE PREGNANT!!!" I honestly had no idea that I was pregnant! I even took the test without my husband being there, b/c I really didn't think it would be positive! To my surprise, it was positive! I was completely shocked! I didn't know what to do! Of course I had to tell my husband. He was completely shocked too. But we were both very, very, very excited!
Looking back on it now, the thought of CF didn't matter to us at this point. Whether they had CF or not, we would still love them and care for them with all our hearts.



Anonymous said...

Way to go M, The last two lines of this post tell us all what kind of CF parents you are. Lil Chris has a happy future with parents that have those goals..."to love them and care for them with all our hearts" I say the future will be happy, there obviously may also be some pain and low times, but it can be truly happy in spite of those outward circumstances.

As for Lil Chris' good night's sleep :-) You were just fine to let him sleep. If he's going to start rolling/crawling etc, he's going to be adding his own form of CPT to his days (and yours:-)

Our son (now almost 4) didn't start walking until 12 months, but the two girls!! now they're a different story. The baby has been walking all over this week!!!
She's 18+lbs and it looks so neat to see her walking. But our oldest girl (now 2.5 yrs) was also walking at 9 months and she only weighed around 15 lbs. Talk about funny and cute...people would be admiring this cute little infant and she would get up and walk!!!:-) And she hasn't stopped since. She has more energy and spunk than my nearly 4 year old. Sometimes I think she gets CPT ALL day long! and I do too just keeping up:-)

My 2 year old just brought me her nebulizer cup from this morning (I must of left it in the living room after the a.m. treatment) and she was licking the Hypertonic Saline off of it saying "Yum Yum!" Guess she's needing a little more salt in her diet:-)

Have a good day, and God Bless, Susanna

Aunt D. said...

Hey now M! You left out a little bit of that story that I'd like to hear the details on.... =) (I'm sure you told me way back then but you know how I am) Like what made you wonder if you were prego? And what went through your mind when you saw that little + sign? I do remember you asking me if I thought it was okay that you'd gone on all those rides at Disney World while you were pregnant & didn't know it. It still makes me smile to hear this story. God is always in control & He has a plan for us. It's always awesome when you see His hand so evidently!!


Auntie Steph said...

We didn't hear this wonderfully exciting news until we went to visit M & Big C for Thanksgiving. I knew something was up when M asked everyone what they were thankful for while we were eating, because we had never done that before. Then, when it was her and Big C's turn, they kept going back and forth about family being what they were thankful for, so I finally asked, "You're pregnant!"
It was so exciting! It makes me teary eyed even now, because I know my brother had wanted a baby, forever, it seemed, and I know it was hard for them after the miscarriage! I was so excited to have a niece or nephew, and I know they were ecstatic to have their very own baby!
I knew then that this baby was going to blessed to have such great parents who were loving and fun! I knew this baby was going to grow up happy, and spoiled (in a good way)! Lil' Chris is definetly a very happy baby, and healthy, due to his loving parents!