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Friday, April 11, 2008

Bottle Time

Right now, I'm trying to let Lil' Chris hold his own bottle in the highchair. I usually don't like messes. But I'm trying very hard to look the other way so he can learn. So far he got it all over his face, hand, and sleeves. Oh yeah, not to mention all over the high chair! He can get it in his mouth, but can't hold it up so he's not sucking air. When I try to show him he lets go, b/c he thinks I'm going to do it for him. Then when I don't, he gets mad.
Ok, now it's on the floor too! He keeps pushing it off the tray onto the floor and then looks at me and smiles. When I try to give it back to him, he keeps pushing it away and knocking it over. So spoiled! Wants Mama to do everything for him ;)
I guess it just worries me, b/c the doctors at the CF clinic said that about 1/2 have slow development issues. I don't know what kind, but maybe these are some...

-can't hold bottle
-doesn't raise arms for you to pick him up
-isn't crawling or walking
-isn't saying any words
-will only eat foods with applesauce in it

I mean, he is only 10 months old (one day older that Susanna's baby ;)
Am I jumping the gun? Or should I actually schedule that in-home visit they are always telling us about? Maybe I just worry too much. After all, that is what my husband always tells me =)


Aunt D. said...

Girl! Don't stress about it! My big boy is 16 months & just started holding his bottle by himself about a month ago - which would be about 2 months after I should have stopped giving him one altogether. =) Neither of the girls ever held theirs either so don't worry about it. It's really early for him to be holding his arms up too for you to pick him up. And he is rolling over & making his way around the room. He'll be crawling before you know it & then you'll wish for the days when he stayed where you put him! Hang in there kiddo... the development milestones with your first kid always seem to take forever!!! Love ya! D.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
Don't stress! Boys are sloooooow! Especially our boys! Josh NEVER held his own bottle! I stopped giving it to him before he ever even tried to (at one year). What you could try is letting him hold a sippy cup that has handles on both sides w/ just water in it. Then he won't make a royal (just slight) mess, and he'll be learning to hold it up to his mouth. It took Josh a long time to learn how to drink from a sippy cup, so don't expect it to be easy. And don't expect him to actully drink anything at first. He'll probably just chew on the top the first couple of times. Don't worry! You won't be following him to kindergarten in order to hold his bottle for lunch, I promise!
As for the therapy, I say sign him up, if they are offering it. Why not? It's free help! Lil Chris seems like he's right where he should be, but therapy can help push him ahead of the crowd. And it's a little extra socialization, w/ CF awareness, that I'm sure he's going to begin to crave--and I'm sure is hard to come by. I know Josh loves when his speech teacher comes on Tuesdays, and he talks about her all the time......just something to think about.
OK, hope that helps you feel better!
Aunt C

Auntie Steph said...

Hey M, I was just reading the other comments, and agree, don't stress about it. On the other hand, as a first time mommy, it's hard not too. I was the same way with Nathan, being he was a preemie, I wanted to make sure he was developing on track, so when he was 8 months old I had the early intervention come out to do an evaluation. My heart told me he was on track, but I figured it won't hurt to have him evaluated, and set my mind at ease. Of course, at that time he was developing on track or better. Having him evaluated when I did, made it easier to call back when he was 2 for his speech. So again, I agree with Aunt C, go for the in home visit, it won't hurt any, it can only enhance or help what your already doing (which by the way is a great job, it's always good to hear that your doing good)! Love ya all!

susanna said...

Dear M, It sounds like Lil Chris has some awesome Aunts! When I read this post I thought I wanted to write, but when I clicked on the 'comments'... you've already received all the comments/advice that I could have given and more. AND it was from people whom you know and love and who know and love you. That's wonderful. And I agree with everything they said. From the sounds of it he is a very typical boy in the family. (I know Timothy wasn't doing any of those things at 7 months, though he would hold his own neb treatment sometimes)

Hope Lil Chris is doing ok getting over his cough. Our 2 1/2 year old, Janna (pronounced Anna with a J sound in front) started a little cough and runny nose today (Sunday the 13th). We've had crazy weather here...cold for two days and hot hot hot for two...it's crazy. I just hope if it's nothing that it goes away by Friday (18th), that's when Janna and Chloe (the 10 month old:-) have their big clinic visits. I'm also really pushing for them to reach their weight goals since the clinic visit 6 weeks ago. Janna still has a whole pound to gain...by Friday!!! (We're going to be drinking a lot of choc. milkshakes this week!!)

Have a good day:)

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Susanna, thanks for all your great comments. I love hearing from you. I was going to ask how the kids were. I'm sorry to hear that Janna (beautiful name, by the way) started a little cough and runny nose. I hope it's just the weather change and not a cold. Good luck with your clinic visits. Let me know how it goes. I'll be praying for you all :)

Anonymous said...

My Sweet M,
It's not easy being a first or second time mom. Mom-Mom has always said that each pregnancy is different, each baby is different and each child is different. Lil C will learn when he's ready and I agree with all the others, it doesn't hurt to have a home visit. If for no other reason than to put your mind at ease. And if there are some areas in which he is slower, so what, that is who God made him and God don't make no mistakes!!!!!! Maybe those are for you and Big C as well to learn?!? So I challenge you to be praying and asking God if there is something in all this specifically for you and for C to ask the same that He would show you both. Oh, and as far as throwing the bottle on the floor and smiling...look at his dad! That apple didn't fall far from that tree! Know what I mean?
Love you all bunches