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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CPT Comments from Daniel's Mom

I thought these were such great comments from Daniel's Mom that I decided to publish them as 1 post so nobody will miss them...

Daniel's mom here. Susanna - M was right, Daniel was on the feeding tube for 6 months. It made a huge difference in getting his weight up, and getting his minerals and vitamins back in balance. He was around 12 lbs when he was admited to the hospital and part of that was water retention. Dnaiel was 34 lbs at his check up earlier this month. I found the hardest time to get him to gain weight was 1 year to 2 years of age. At 2, he finally got interested in food, and hasn't looked back! It sounds like your daughter's weight is doing great. Congrats on your daughter's clean culture. Daniel had psudomonas last winter, and it is such a relief when the culture is clean! M- your fundraising is going great! It is so neat that you have a company this is so supportive. Let me know how the walk goes. Two kids are in bed, now to get the 9 year old going!Daniel's Mom

M- okay one more quick comment before I get S to bed. My husband and I also found this frustrating. We did the same kind of CPT with Daniel when he was that age. It is so hard to know for sure if you are doing it "right" I always used the rubber cups, but my husband used his hands. It looked like he was playing the drums. Another 6 months or so, and you should be able to get Chris the vest. I know Daniel was around 18 months, and you know how much I love it!Daniel's mom

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