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Monday, April 14, 2008

Nagging? Me?

So apparently I have a rep... would that it could be a cool one my kids would be excited about... sadly though, it is simply that I am a nagging older sis. That's fine! I can take it! I don't have to be "cool".... Wah!

No, no, I'm just kidding!! It's so hard to be funny when you're typing!

Actually, I am unapologetically - well, that's not quite true...I'm a compulsive apologizer (one of these days I'll get some therapy for that) - so let's just say I'm well known for being a very persistent chick (sounds better than nagging) to my collegues, my kids, my hubby & my lil sis. When I really believe something is important I won't stop until I get the result I'm looking for. I even annoy myself sometimes. =) Just in case you're wondering, I am currently nagging M about a new scenario which perhaps we'll reveal later on. She's probably thinking "thank God for the miles between us" a saying our Grandmother is supposed to have used often when my Mom was a kid. =)

Back to the real story, I was so excited when M called to tell me she was pregnant! I thought she was pulling my leg at first. After all, I had just seen her for a whole week in Florida! Sure enough though, she started asking me about symptoms & I knew she was serious. Isn't it awesome when you see God's hand so evidently at work in someone's life?! Just when they thought their chance for having children of their own had passed, God showed them who is really in control. Even though I'm sure they couldn't comprehend the plan He had for them at that time they embraced it & continued on in faith! How awesome is that? Their experience has touched so many people, not the least of which is our family. We are behind them 100% & so proud to see all they are doing for their beautiful son!

Anyway, that day M & I had an excited little conversation about "morning sickness" & pregnancy symptoms. Since both of us had experienced miscarriages with our first pregnancies I knew the fears she would be feeling with her second one. How each little difference you feel makes you wonder if everything is okay. Despite that, we were still so excited! This was it! God was answering her prayers! Little did we know that shortly after our conversation, morning sickness would turn into a pregnancy long puke fest for M. I felt so bad for her!! It was the dreaded experience our Mom told us about all our lives. I hope for M's sake it doesn't happen with each of her pregnancies like it did to our Mother. She really handled it like a trooper though!! I know I couldn't have done it & continued working & doing all the things she did during that time. I felt bad bugging her about getting the help the doctors had offered to prepare them for the possiblity of a CF child. It just seemed like a good thing to do to be prepared & informed. I completely understood though why M & Big Chris didn't feel it was necessary. They just felt like it wouldn't matter. If their long awaited miracle child were to have CF they'd take it in stride & figure it out. I admire them for that but...I still nagged...=)

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