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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mr. Ducky!

Seeing the pics on Nate's blog today reminded me of the good ol' days of Mr. Ducky!
These are some old pics of when Lil' Chris loved his green hospital pacifier. It was the only pacifier he would take for the first 6 months or so. We desperately needed another one after the first month or so. At one of our clinic visits, a nurse told us about these animal ones that have weights in them so they don't fall on the floor when they spit it out. So we went and bought one at the hospital store for $10. We thought it was a lot, but in the end it was well worth it! We chose a Duck, b/c his bathroom is all ducky stuff. Lil' Chris looooooooooved his Ducky pacifier! It went everywhere with us...restaurants, Dr. visits(sorry about that pic), shopping...pretty much everywhere we went. As soon as we put it in his mouth, he would instantly calm down. Magic I tell ya! I'm also glad we got it, b/c I think it helped him to learn to hold onto things at a very young age. He never let go of it. It was so cute!! Anyway, here are the pics of the hospital binkies that made my life so much easier...

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Aunt D. said...

Those were so cute M!!! I remember that binky from one of your visits. The shot pic did make me wince though. =) I always feel so bad for them when they have to get all those shots. Give him a big hug & kiss from me!!!

Love, D