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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Lil' Chris' cough is MUCH better now. It is almost all gone. Thank you Lord! He is on his 2nd bottle of Augmentin. Only one more bottle to go! Surprisingly, he is taking it quite well still.

I can't wait to go to our 1 year visit in June to learn all kinds of stuff, esp stuff about CPT(chest physio therapy). I love our CF clinic, but there is always one thing that surprises me every time we go. The doctor asks how we are doing the CPT, he writes it down, and that's it! No, "Ok, but try this since he is getting older, or we'll have the Physical Therapist here next time you come just to make sure". I'd kinda like some reassurance that we are still doing it right! He is MUCH bigger since the last time we saw the PT. He was only 6 week old at that time when we first started the CPT! Now he is sooooooo much bigger! I really feel like he may be missing out.
Here is what we do every morning and night when he lays on the changing table...
-with our cupped hand...left front chest and left side at the same time for 2 minutes.
-then flip him, and do right front chest and right side at the same time for 2 minutes.
-then put him on his belly and do 2 minutes on his upper back with cupped hand, or rubber thingy.
Lately, if I use the rubber thingy, I've been using 2 at the same time to get both sides. That's not the way they taught us, but I have a feeling that it is better for him.
Did anybody else do anything differently? I'd love to hear some advice.

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daniel's mom said...

M- okay one more quick comment before I get S to bed. My husband and I also found this frustrating. We did the same kind of CPT with Daniel when he was that age. It is so hard to know for sure if you are doing it "right" I always used the rubber cups, but my husband used his hands. It looked like he was playing the drums. Another 6 months or so, and you should be able to get Chris the vest. I know Daniel was around 18 months, and you know how much I love it!
Daniel's mom