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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Header Pics!!

So, do you like the new header pictures? We were shopping the other day in Babies R Us, when a lady from the picture place approached us and asked us if we wanted a free 8x10 picture. So, we said why not! He did such a GREAT job! The lady was so impressed that he smiled in every picture she took. She did 3 of each pose, which was around 12 or more pics. When she finished, she looked up on her screen and it said that he did all the pics in just 5 minutes! She couldn't believe it! She was bragging to all the other associates. It was kinda funny. I guess unlike his Momma, my kid LOVES the camera ; )
The FREE meant only one pose (we knew there had to be a catch). But they all turned out so cute! Plus we haven't gotten his picture done in a while. When they showed us this style with 4 poses, we couldn't resist. We did get a huge discount though. It only cost us $8.95 instead of $24.95. Plus, we had a lot of fun : )


Anonymous said...

We love the pictures, he looks so big. Of course, we are wondering where are ours?
lots of love, hugs, & kisses
Mom & Dad

Aunt D. said...

They do such a good job at Kiddie Kandids don't they? Of course it was super easy with such a cutie pie!! I can't believe how big he is! Give him a big kiss from me!!

neilcharm said...

he is such a big boy! and so handsome too!!!! you guys are truly blessed. hope his cough gets better sooner than later. Bless you all and Aunt D. He also seems to have matured in his face a bit compared to the photo you had of him on previously, so you are doing a great job......must be all the love you are showering on him. You go Lil'Chris.........grow up big and strong.

Susanna said...

Just a quick note... The pictures are GREAT!! You'll never never regret tons of pictures of your lil' guy.

The Dr appointment wasn't the greatest. Chloe met her weight goal of 19 lbs. But Janna was actually down 2 oz from 6 weeks ago. They really want us to go to G-tube route. But we've told them we don't want to even discuss the G-tube issue for another 6 months or so. We really feel that she is doing so much better than a year to a year and half ago, that we are not willing to throw her into a surgery, more 'things' to deal with, more infection sights, a big thing to try to recover from...
We have been and will continue to do our best and our trust and faith is in God. HE is the One in control, and we are doing our best to follow His leading.

We should hear something today about Janna's culture that was taken Friday. Hoping for the best there.

Going to have to run. You've probably seen it already, but Tricia is being discharged tomorrow!!! (Yeah!!) That's awesome.

God Bless ~ Susanna

Auntie Steph said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES! They are ALL absolutely adorable...but what would anyone expect, he's a cutie!!! So, you got an 8x10 for free plus this sheet with all the poses for only $8 something...not bad! Hopefully he won't do like his cousins, and decide that once he turns one he'll pick and choose when and what pictures he'll smile and cooperate for! LOL It's so hard getting pictures done of Nathan & Lincoln now.
Love to everyone!