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Friday, October 11, 2013

Culture Result!! / Pulmozyme WORKS for Lil' Chris!!

We finally got his throat culture result back and it was NORMAL AGAIN!! THAT'S 3 TIMES IN A ROW!!! WOO HOO!!! This momma is sooooooo excited!!!

I'm hoping and praying he goes the whole school year with all normal culture results! He goes for check-ups at the CF Clinic every 3 months, so his next appointment is on 1/8/14. Last year it was the end of October that he had his worst culture result...Pseudomonas:( But I guess we successfully eradicated it, b/c now he has had 3 NORMAL cultures!! YEA!!

So for now, no new changes to his daily routine. He still....
-takes 8 pills every morning, 
-5 pills with every meal and snack, 
-we try to feed him as many calories as we can(I wish I could eat whatever I wanted! lol), 
-he does his Vest for 30 min in the morning before school and 30 min at night before bed, 
-and he does his nebulized medicine called Pulmozyme every night.

I just wanted to say that we really do appreciate all that you have donated over the past 6 years, b/c it really helps bring out new and better meds for all CFers!! I gotta tell you...Lil' Chris has been on Pulmozyme for over a year now(he started last July) and he has only had one bad cough!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! He used to get 4-5 bad coughs a year! He used to be on antibiotics all the time it seemed! In the last year, the only antibiotics he was on was Omnicef until they discovered he had Pseudomonas, then they switched him to TOBI and Cipro. He did this one month on and then one month off and he hasn't been on any antibiotics since...and NO BAD COUGHS SINCE!!! WOOHOO!!! THANK YOU PULMOZYME!!! What Pulmozyme does is, it thins the mucus so it can be cleared out of the lungs much easier. CFers get thick, sticky mucus that builds up in their lungs and can cause really bad bacterias, like Pseudomonas, to grow. It is usually very hard to get rid of too, so we got very lucky. 
During his reading homework, he said he could even read it with his eyes closed;p LOL!!! It was sooo funny, b/c he kept peeking;p LOL!!!

Thank you everyone who prays for Lil' Chris on a daily basis!! Keep the prayers coming that he never gets Pseudomonas or anything worse every again!!


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