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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mommy's Milestone / New Challenge

Today marks a BIG milestone for me!! YEA!!!!

I wrote all about it on my other blog www.thechallengediet.blogspot.com. Click that link to read all about it...just do me a favor...don't look at my before and after pic;-) LOL!! I should do another after pic since it's been 2 years since the last, but I never get my pic taken...I'm usually the one taking all the pics;) Oh darn;-) LOL!!!!

Enjoy laughing at my pics;) I'm actually pretty proud of them in some weird way though...they were taken only 2 months apart!! OH YEAH!! ;-) LOL!!

A little tip...hover your mouse over the verse to read it and click "more" in the little box to read the whole thing.

What are YOU going to challenge YOURSELF to do EVERY DAY for the next 1 year from today???
What kind of example are YOU setting for YOUR kids, whether they are young or old, near or far???

Think about it and make the commitment to yourself TODAY!!! All it takes is DEDICATION and CONSISTENCY!!! (you can let me in on it if you want, just leave me a comment or email me;)

I wish you the best of luck!!
PS. If you want to leave me a comment, you may have to do it on this blog instead of my other one. I have had problems in the past with people not being able to leave comments on that blog. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE Mich, you awesome lady. Hats off to you and BigChris for teaching your precious bundles and yourselves the good things in life. I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear, cos thats how my parents were and that is how we try to be on a daily basis, and believe me its not always so easy. Very few families can achieve this, it takes a lot of faith and prayer and determination. If I was there right now, I would give you such a BIG HUG, love always charm xxxx

Anonymous said...

Way to go mom! You are encouraging me to do better in this area. We run and play, but I need to focus on it, my kiddos life (CF) will depend on setting up good habits. Love the Bible and reading habit being shown too.=)