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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cough Update

Lil' Chris started 14 days of 3tsp 2x a day of Bactrim on Sunday 12/29/13 for his wet cough. This is the first antibiotic since last January when he was on Tobi and Cipro for Pseudomonas!!!! Praise the Lord he has had an AMAZING year despite having cultured Pseudomonas last Nov and Jan!!!! This is only his 4th cough in 2013. Not bad!! The other coughs weren't bad and went away without antibiotics, but this one kept getting worse, so I felt he needed a little help of an antibiotic. Luckily the medicine is working great and his cough has gotten much better!!

We are going to use his next cf clinic apt as a follow apt for this cough and antibiotic. It's on Jan 8th, so please pray for normal throat culture, good weight gain, and good PFT's!!!!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!!! I'm praying 2014 is the year for a CURE for CF!!!! They are sooooo close!!! I'll be starting my fundraising soon to get to that CURE sooner!!! :)

PS. I LOVE my new laptop, honey!!! Thanks so much!!! :)

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