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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bactrim Update / CVS

The Bactrim he started on Sun has def helped and his cough is pretty much all gone. YEA!!!

Only problem is...it was supposed to be for 14 days, but it ran out in only 6 days. So I called our CVS pharmacy and she said that the dr may have made a mistake in the math, so she called the dr and they said that he should be on it for 14 days. So now I have to go pick up another bottle. I'm so glad that our local CVS pharmacy was able to figure this out quickly on the weekend so that there was no lapse in giving him his Bactrim. Once I told the pharmacist that he has CF, she took the situation very seriously and figured it was a mistake in math on the script. I LOVE OUR CVS!!!

CVS is sooooo very easy to order refills too!! I just do it through an app on my phone:) It literally takes me less than a minute!! LOVE IT!! The app also lets me see when the last time I got a refill, what date I can refill it again, and when it expires!! This is GREAT, b/c then I can let the dr know if I see it's going to expire soon:) It's not good to have lapse in meds with CF. I try my hardest to stay on top of ordering all his meds and this CVS app makes it VERY simple! I wish we could get all his meds through CVS!! If you don't use CVS, I highly recommend it if you can!!

I'd say another fav part of CVS is that they have a drive-thru. I always hated going into Drug Mart to get his meds, b/c you never know what germs you might pick up. I still sanitize after touching the pen and clipboard thru drive-thru at CVS...you can never be too safe;)

Save the date for our next Great Strides Walk for CF on Sunday May 4th 2014 at 11am in Wooster!!!

Thanks for all the continued prayers! Keep praying for a normal throat culture, weight gain, and high PFT's this Wed at his 3 month CF check-up at the clinic!!!

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