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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fundraising Award / New Vest and Hoses

Poster at the awards ceremony above...
Close up of Lil' Chris' pic on the poster:)...

New Pipeline chart...

The award I was given at the award ceremony:) YEA!!...

A few nights ago, Chris and I went to an Appreciation Ceremony on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I was awarded for all my fundraising efforts and for raising the most money for the Wooster walk this past year!! YEA!! It's all thanks to YOU all who donated and to Kohl's for all the $500 grants for most of my fundraiser!!


  • ALL my friends and family who donated
  • ALL my awesome neighbors who donated, did a bake sale, and came to the walk:)

  • ALL my Kohl's associates who helped out with all my fundraisers

  • My boss, Bob, for letting me do Jeans 4 Genes days at work for 4 months and to ALL the associates who participated:)

  • EVERYONE from the motorcycle run
  • CiCi's Pizza for letting me do most of my fundraisers there AND for the 12 or 13 different CiCi's Pizza that did Pin-Ups for CF for the month of May.
  • all the other restaurants I did a fundraiser at...Tumbleweed, Applebee's, & Friendly's.

  • my MIL for setting up a walk in NJ for Lil' Chris and doing other fundraisers as well

  • my sister, D, for setting up a walk in NC and doing fundraisers at her kids school and at a bouncy house.

  • and ALL that made the walk a success!!

I couldn't have done it without you ALL!!!! CF WILL STAND FOR CURE FOUND SOON!!!!

In other news....I had to order ANOTHER set of hoses for the Vest!! I think that's the 5th or 6th time since we got the new blue Vest and it hasn't even been a year yet!! YIKES!! Hopefully they improve the new Vests soon. I also told them that the velcro on the shoulder straps are not sticking very well anymore too. They said to just order a new one and when it gets too bad, we can just change it. So we got the 2 new hoses and new blue outer shell the other day. I haven't washed the new shell yet, so here is a pic of what the old one was doing...(we had to keep the straps in the back instead of the front to make it tight, b/c it stuck better back there but would still pop off sometimes)....

Thanks again everybody for all that you do for Lil' Chris!! We love you all!!


The Liberto Family said...

Way to go! You are so good. I need to step it this coming year.

Sweet Shots By Nicole! said...

Way to go on the fundraising front!

We have had the same problems with the vest's velcro. We got the vest when Rylee was 18 months and we are now on our 2nd outer shell because of the velcro not sticking anymore and she was only 24 months when we ordered the new one. Thank goodness for good customer service and fast shipping. :) I too hope that they fix the problems with the new vest soon. :)

Anonymous said...

The last time we ordered new hoses the customer service man suggested the white hoses which they used for their older models. They seem to work a little better and a litter more durable. Good luck! Nicole Smith

Chatty Family said...

Congratulations! I wish we could have been there. Nate has been working out of town for 10 days at a time. I am barely surviving :). I am so happy you were recognized for all of your hard fundraising work and dedication to Chris and awareness.