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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ayla locked us out / Bad Night / Potty training

So, my lovely 1 year old locked us out of the house tonight! We were coming home from Oma and Opa's and I took Ayla into the house, put down my purse, and went back out into the garage to get Lil' Chris out of the van. When we went to go back into the house, the door was locked!! Ayla had locked the deadbolt! If I had my purse, I would have had the key, but I took it in when I took her in! Luckily I had my phone in my pocket, so I called Chris to come home. I also called a neighbor to come help us. Thanks Andrea and John for all of your help!!

After about an hour, Ayla was spent and said she wanted to go "night night." Since she didn't have her blankie, she took off her jacket and curled up on the floor with it in front of the front door and started sucking her finger. I tried to get her to get up to continue to help get the door unlocked, but she wasn't having it. She did a good job though the whole time. She stayed in the foyer where I could see her through the front door. She cried a couple of times b/c she wanted me to hold her. So at 9pm, I finally called the fire department and they came and couldn't get it. Then a police officer came and tried it and he was able to get it open!!! YEA!! I gave him a BIG hug and told him I loved him;) LOL!! I was just glad that Ayla was fine and that we didn't have to break a door or window to get in.

As for an update on Lil' Chris...He is still doing great!! One more day of November and still no cold, cough, or antibiotics YEA!!! We officially broke the curse of an antibiotic every other month in 2010 WOO HOO!! Now lets see if we can go all December too;-)

A couple of nights ago, Lil' Chris was up for about 3 hours throwing up off and on. We think he may have had some soy protein, b/c that is what usually happens when he has anything with soy protein in it. He was fine the next day though.

On a good note....Lil' Chris has been doing GREAT with potty training at night and nap time!!! His pull-up was only wet like 2 times all last week!!!!!! That's morning and nap time that he has been waking up dry!!! I can't believe my lil' 3 year old isn't so little anymore...but I sure am glad not to have to change sheets anymore, esp now that he has a full size bed;-) LOL!!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, we sure did!! Please continue to pray we make it through cold and flu season with no problems!



Jenny said...

Way to go on no colds or coughs!! After a year of no major colds and no coughing at all Bryce has caught a little bug. Blah! BUT, it's viral so they said to just keep him on the breathing treatments. Thanksfully it's clearing up because when he coughs it literally drives me nuts. I hate it.

Praying that December is another healthy month for Chris and I also hope you don't get locked out of the house again. I was laughing WITH you while I read your post. ;)

Auntie Steph said...

OMG'ness...I can't believe Ayla locked you guys out of the house!!! LOL! I told Greg, she's got Lincoln beat, I thought he would be the child who would do something like that! Thank God Lil Chris has been cough & cold free. Praying Decemeber is another good month for you guys! Oh, and WAY TO GO CHRIS on the potty training!!!! Aunt Steph is so proud of you!!
I know you guys do, but keep Nathan in your prayers, he's started losing his hair! We go tomorrow for a haircut. Next week he starts the new round where he will have to get shots, at home! We're hoping and praying that he will be ok enough for us to come out to visit you guys over the Christmas/New Year's break.
Love and hugs to everyone!

Gemma said...

Ayla snuggled on the floor is so cute!! She must have great perception to know how to lock the door like that. I can imagine what a nitemare it was at the time but it did bring a smile to my face :)

Way to go lil' chris, that's some achievement and long may he stay well!!

Take care