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Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I Fundraise / CF Update / CiCi's CF Fundraiser Results

My last CF fundraiser at CiCi's Pizza went VERY WELL!!! It was a FANTASTIC night and a lot of fun!! We raffled off 2 tickets to an Indians game of your choice, and it was a BIG hit!! We normally raise around $100-$150 in the raffle, but this time we raised $230!!! BIG THANKS to my awesome Kohl's associates who helped us raise another $500!!!......Rebecca, Jill, Sharon, and Patty!!! Thank you girls, you all ROCK!!!

That puts us at $3,000 raised from Kohl's so far this year!! Thank you KOHL'S!!!! (for some reason they are not showing on my Great Strides page, but they are there;) So all together with the 10% from the receipts, the total for that night will probably be around...$800!!! WOOHOO!!!! That's awesome!!!

Thank you so much to all who donated or bought tickets!!! There were some very generous people who threw $10 or $20 bills in the donation jar and didn't even want any raffle tickets! I'm always amazed by such generous people! BIG thank you to the winner of the raffle as well!! I won't mention her name since I didn't ask her if I could, but I was glad she won, b/c she bought the most tickets...$20 worth!! CONGRATS on winning if your reading this;-)

What made the night even better was I met a couple of people who knew somebody with Cystic Fibrosis! One told me of a friend or relative(I can't remember now, I want to say she was her niece;) that was in her 20's with CF and had 2 kids and was doing well. She had a little bit of a hard time with the pregnancies, but that's to be expected. Another told me of her friend, who I believe was in her 20's as well, who was also doing well. Stories like these give me hope for Lil' Chris' future:) Thank you ladies for sharing your stories with me and for your donations!!

As for an update on Lil' Chris....he is doing well. He still has that wet cough, but it's not as often as it was. I'm praying it goes away before needing an antibiotic. I'm always cautious to put him on an antibiotic if he doesn't need it b/c the more antibiotics he takes or is on, the sooner his body will start to reject them. There is only so many antibiotics or drugs, and once he becomes resistant to them all.....well, that's when he will get more and more lung infections and irreversible lung damage. The next step would be a double lung transplant. Then starts the waiting game and all the questions...would he get the new lungs in time?? Would his body reject the new lungs?? Even with new lungs, he will always have CF.

Many CF families can relate to this thinking. We all know it's a POSSIBILITY for their future. All we can do is have faith, hope, and trust in God, and pray that a CURE if found SOON!!!!! I pray that God gives Chris and I the KNOWLEDGE of when to call and get him put on an antibiotic...or any big decisions that may be in his future.

When Lil' Chris was first born in 2007, they told us that the life expectancy for CFers was 36....today it is 37 1/4!!!! We are getting closer and closer to a CURE or a better control of this horrible genetic lung disease EVERYDAY!! Now you probably see why I do all the fundraising I do, why I ask/beg for donations, why I organize and put together a Great Strides walk every year...all for "A Cure 4 Lil' Chris" and ALL CFers!!! I'M GONNA DO ALL THAT I CAN, TO SEE A CURE IN LIL' CHRIS' LIFETIME...I HAVE TO!!!

My next CF fundraiser will be on Thurs June 30th from 5p-8p at CiCi's Pizza in Wooster. The raffle will be the same as last time, 2 Indians tickets to a game of your choice. Hope to see you there!!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated this year and in the past! We WILL see a CURE in Lil' Chris' lifetime!! I just know it!!
PS. If you haven't donated yet and would like to, click here:) Even though the walk is over, we'll always still take donations:) Thanks!

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