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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Here it is, our big announcement to the kids...

We surprised the kids with a trip to DISNEYWORLD!!!! WOOHOO!!! It was soooooo much fun!!! We ALL had a BLAST!!!! It truly is a magical place:)

Don't worry, the video above is not the only video I got! More pics and video coming soon:)

I couldn't believe how tall the kids have gotten since last May when we went!! Lil' Chris is 44 inches and Ayla is 38 inches!! They got to go on extra rides this year!! Lil' Chris got to go on his first really BIG roller coaster!! I thought he was going to be scared(I was), but he LOVED it!! He went 2 times with Daddy and 2 times with me:) I couldn't help but watch his face the whole time laughing and giggling, even though I was afraid of hurting my neck on the twist and turns;-)

So get this...I got the letter from the CF clinic like last time so that we wouldn't have to wait in the hot lines b/c he has a fatal lung disease....and wouldn't you know...when we got to the park the first day, I had forgotten it at our hotel room!!! UGHHH! So I went to talk to them to see if I could get that pass at any park and the girl said "What did you need?" At first I didn't know what she meant. Then I said, "Well, last year they gave us a pass for the rides and also one for our stroller." She said "How many are in your party?" I said 4. So she wrote them up and gave them to me!! I was SHOCKED!!! I didn't even have the paper or nothing!! I was soooo happy tho, b/c we ended up going on a lot of rides that night. We got to go on a lot of rides EVERYDAY thanks to that pass!!! We would just get right on!! We even got to skip the lines for the characters autographs too!!! Although, I usually felt bad doing those, so we would only do it on the really long line ones, like for Mickey:) It was AWESOME!! The one and ONLY good thing about Cystic Fibrosis! I'm just so happy he was healthy enough to go again!!

I was a little worried about what the weather was going to be like, but the Lord blessed us with an absolutely beautiful week!!! It was in the 80's the whole time and no rain until we were driving home, then it rained a little on our drive!! Usually when we go to Disney, it is soooo hot that I have to use a fan/water squirter, but I didn't have to use it at all this time!! We even went to Blizzard Beach Waterpark the last 2 days and didn't have to worry about burning our feet on the hot concrete!! Both kids went down water slides that I was even leery about going on at first;-) LOL

Unfortunately Lil' Chris developed a cough on the second day. I think it was b/c we went swimming in our All Star Sports resorts heated pool late at night and then when we got out, it was a little chilly. I guess too much for his lil' lungs, IDK. Anyway, that night he woke up at about 2 in the morning with that weird barking cough that he had once before. He coughed for a lil' while and wanted to lay with me. Luckily I brought his inhaler and Acappella. He eventually calmed down and fell back to sleep. His cough didn't sound as bad when he woke up, but he did have a lil' cough the rest of the week, and by the end it turned into a wet nasty cough. Monday 1/30, when we got back home, the first thing I did was call the CF clinic. They got him on an antibiotic right away, since he cultured a new bacteria last time. He cultured his usual Staph Areus(MSSA), and then Stenotrophomonas (Xanthomonas) maltophilia, which is new, but they said does not need treatment unless he is ill. They said that this is a common bacteria and may come and go in his cultures from time to time.

The CF nurse doesn't think it was b/c of the pool, but who knows?? He could've caught something at the park or at a rest stop on the long drive. Going to Disney is always a risk we take. I was especially nervous this time, b/c we went in cold and flu season. I guess in a way we are lucky he only got a cough and not the flu.

So he is taking Bactrim 2 times a day, 12.5 ML each time...that's the most I think he has ever taken!! Please pray his cough goes away completely, it's already starting to get better! He has a CF clinic appt on the 15th, so I'm praying it will be gone by then and his new throat culture won't have any new bacterias. Stinks he will miss his preschool Valentine's party;-( I was so sad when I noticed that, b/c that was my favorite day of the year growing up and I got all excited he was going to have one this year. Oh well, it's not like he doesn't have 12 more years to go, right?

My sister D and bro-in-law were nice enough to let us stay at their house on the way to Disney and back to break up the looooong drive. It was soooo nice spending time with them!! I really miss my big sis! I had a lot of fun painting nails with my nieces too. They are getting so big!! Lil' Chris had fun playing new video games with his cousin:)

On Sat 1/28, we celebrated Ayla's 3rd birthday!!! YEA!!! It was so nice celebrating with my family:) Ayla loved all her princess presents, esp the castle that Aunt D got her;) Pics/video coming soon, I have to finish editing it:) The story of my life!! LOL I noticed I have a ton of video's that I uploaded but never posted b/c I never finished editing them. Hmmmm I wonder if I can edit them on my iPad??? I'll have to try it.

Oh yeah, not sure if I mentioned it on here...I won an iPad2 at work!!!! I still can't believe I won it, I never win anything!! I'm soooo very thankful for it tho, b/c Lil' Chris loves playing with it while he does his Vest....I love it b/c it keeps him quiet during his Vest;-) LOL Plus it's a good incentive for him not to complain about putting his Vest on..."If you put your Vest on, you can play the iPad!" He usually runs right over;-) Sooooo nice!

On another good note about work, I was accepted into the Advancement into Management training!! I'm already part of the management team, but on the low end. This will make me an Executive...an Assistant Store Manager:) I've already completed my training and am just waiting for a position to open up!! I'm REALLY hoping and praying that I get to stay at the same store!!! I really don't want to be too far away from Lil' Chris if anything were to happen with his breathing. Also, IF he were to ever get hospitalized, I may still be able to work since it's only like 5 min away. Please pray with me that I get to stay at my current store :)

PS. Ayla developed a stuffy nose last week, but so far no one else has caught it...maybe allergies or something b/c it's not bad at all???? Probably something to do with this crazy warm winter we are having! Although....it IS SNOWING NOW!!! YEA!!!

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Jenny said...

We are in the first stages of planning another trip to Disney for our kids...in June (HOT). My husband and I were debating to ask our docs for a letter so we could get the "handicap" pass for rides. We didn't want Bryce waiting in the heat. I was on the fence about asking, but your post has help me decide...def asking for the letter so we can get the pass!! We have always gone to Disney in the cooler months, but with the girls in full time school we can't just pack up and go on vacation whenever we want so June it is. Glad you guys had a great time! It is such a magical place. Can't wait to see pictures!