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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten!!

Lil' Chris started Junior Kindergarten on 8/21/12 at the local Christian School at 5 years old!! He had no problems leaving mommy and daddy on the first day either! He loves making new friends! He is only going half day and will do full day 1st grade next year as long as he passes JK, but I'm pretty sure he will :)

I can't believe a few weeks have gone by already! He has been doing great and already learning so much! He memorized his first Bible verse pretty quick! "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith." :) AND he has the pledge of allegiance memorized already too!! I'm so proud how well he is doing:)

His teacher is Mrs. Falkenberg and his teacher aide is Mrs. Curtis. They both are wonderful and have been VERY receptive to all that I have taught them about caring for a child with Cystic Fibrosis! Mrs F knows a family with 2 kids with CF, so she is a little bit familiar with it. I have given them both the clip on hand sanitizers that I always wear wherever I go:) It's up to them if they use them or not, but it would def keep down on the germs in the classroom, not just for Lil' Chris, but for all the kids and them as teachers too:)

We are in the process of starting a 504 plan for Lil' Chris. This will stick with him throughout his school years. Click this link for more info http://www.cysticlife.org/downloads/504FlyerFINAL.pdf
A 504 Plan is a legal, written document for students with physical impairments
such as lung disease/GI problems that limit one or more major life activity.
-It protects a child’s rights and health while at school.
-It falls under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
-It is reviewed/updated once a year OR each time a child changes schools.
A 504 plan is not an Individualized Education Program (IEP) as required for
special education students. If your child’s CF contributes to learning difficulties,
an IEP may be required under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

The possible 504 Plan accommodations for a child with CF include:
-Your child can take his/her pancreatic enzymes during school.
-Your child can have reasonable access to snacks and unlimited access to
water due to medication use. As well as restrooms due to digestion issues.
-Your child can be isolated from sick children and other students with CF.
-The school will provide alternative activities when your child has CF
exacerbations and cannot participate in gym class.
-Modifications can be made based on health status, fatigue and workload.
-The school will provide Homebound Teaching and/or Intermittent Home/
Hospital Instructional Program with proper documentation for children with
high absenteeism.

As for a CF Update... Lil' Chris is doing well. He had a lil' cough when school first started, but nothing major, we did the Acapella before his first day (in the video above), just in case. He hasn't been coughing everyday, but some mornings I've noticed he has coughed more than others. I think it is just his allergies though. If it progresses, I will def be calling in an antibiotic. I'll keep you posted. He had a bad night on 9/3. He woke up in the middle of the night throwing up off and on for like 3 hours. That's what he usually does when he has something with soy protein in it, but we didn't think he had anything with soy protein, but we did eat out earlier that day and the only thing that he hasn't had before at that restaurant was a chocolate milkshake, soooo idk. We kept him home that Tuesday after just so he could get some sleep. He woke up fine and has been fine since. It's been a while since that has happened. BTW, he is doing GREAT with the Pulmozyme!! So proud of him! He likes to pour it in, and he even sterilized it with me the other day:) It's never to early for him to learn how to take care of himself, right?? :)

Check out the video above, he did such a good job smiling nicely for his first day of Kindergarten pics:) Sorry it's so long, but I didn't want to edit it and cut any pics, b/c my phone's memory card got damaged somehow and I lost a ton of pics;( Luckily I uploaded these before that happened. I CANNOT wait til the end of this month when I can FINALLY get my iPhone 5 when it comes out!!! Then hopefully I won't lose all my precious pics!

Please keep Lil' Chris in your prayers that he has a healthy school year...it's scary letting him go, but I have to;( Also, keep lil' Aubrey in your prayers as she is sick right now. Nathan, Lil' Chris' cousin with Leukemia, has a double ear infection and horrible headaches, so he could use your prayers also. Poor kid already had to miss his 2nd and 3rd day of school already:(

BIG THANK YOU  to Samantha, Aubrey's mom, for doing a CF fundraiser at Applebee's tonight!! You are a GREAT CF mom already jumping into fundraising and she is only 6 months old!! WAY TO GO!!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!

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